Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Penny Stock Geeks

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Wednesday's Watchlist- APTD, TRDY, EYSM

APTD- Alpha Trade, a well respected company saw their shares suddenly surge yesterday on an astonishing 71 million volume hitting an intraday high of 40% gains at .0010 cents from our .0007 cents alert to our Subscribers. A number of investors including newsletters are now looking to make an entry which should bode well for the days and weeks ahead and cause the pps to rise much further. 

TRDY- Trudy Corporation filed their 10Q after markets closed yesterday. This leads us to believe TRDY could possibly see much further gains today as investors anticipate the Reverse Merger to become a reality.

EYSM- EYSM bought to our subscribers attention last week hit an intraday high yesterday at .0026 cents bringing some decent gains. We believe EYSM has what it takes to get to the next higher pps level based on our due diligence and we may very well be weeks or months away from much larger gains.

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