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ACRL (Atacama Resources International, Inc) .0010 Due Diligence Report

ACRL (Atacama Resources International, Inc)- This stock which was Alerted yesterday at .0008 x .0009 cents surged to an intraday high of .0013 cents on a record 135 million shares traded. The stock had been beaten down from its 52 week highs of .52 cents and has multiple Assets and catalysts anticipated shortly.

ACRL has 3 Patented Apps as well as mining stakes for substantial Cobalt, Graphite, Gold, Diamonds and other minerals. The company expects to begin their first contract with Surepoint for their new Good2Drive/Fleet Safety App.

The company is also reported to announce record breaking revenues in the near future.

ACRL (Atacama Resources International, Inc) is divided into two different business divisions. The first division is their App division and the second is their Precious Metals and Minerals division.

For their Apps division there are currently 3 Apps in which two are known as follows:
Both Apps can be found at https://acrlintl.com/good2drive/ and https://acrlintl.com/good2drive-1/





Good2Drive is a smartphone app that measures your cognitive ability through a 60 to 90 second test. Once you take the test, it analyzes the results and tells you if you’re good to drive or not. Even if you haven’t had a drink, the test will tell you if are too tired to be behind the wheel. 

Good2Drive is there to make the roads safer for all by making sure only those alert enough, get behind the wheel. You can download Good2Drive for free from the iTunes Store or Google Play Store today.

Just download the app and you’re Good2Drive. Here’s how it works:

  • The app will display a series of pics
  • When a pic is repeated, click on the image as soon as possible
  • The app then measures your reaction time
There’s also a parental notification option, which will automatically send results to parents. A future option has also been built into the app, which will disable the vehicle if test results are low and connect to Lyft or Uber if a ride home is needed.

Dan Finch - President
1200 South Pine Island Road
Plantation, Florida 33324


—  fit4duty  —



Fit4Duty has been specifically designed to help some of the most dangerous industries keep their employees, equipment, and customers safe. Being aware is the first step to a safe workplace so let's stop an accident before it can even happen.

How it works

Fit4Duty is a Smartphone App that measures your employee’s cognitive ability through a 60 to 90 second test. Once taken, Fit4Duty instantly analyzes the results and notifies you on your employee’s readiness for work. Whether impairment by alcohol, drugs, or fatigue, Fit4Duty will make sure that you know your employees and business are safe.

Why use it

Create, manage, and track the profiles of each one of your employees.
Receive notifications instantly, to your computer or mobile device, about your employees’ readiness for work.
Review detailed statistics and test results to identify issues before they become problems.

Try it for free

• 7-Day Free Trial

Fit4Duty has a package that fits with the needs of any industry and any organization of any size.  Try Fit4Duty free for 7-days to see the benefits for yourself!

Dan Finch - President
1200 South Pine Island Road
Plantation, Florida 33324
Good2Drive, Inc. is a wholly owned Florida Corporation




We are Atacama Resources International Ltd a subsidiary of Atacama Resources International Inc. Dedicated to the exploration and development of gold, diamonds, cobalt, graphite, copper and iron resources, our goal is to become an important North American source for these precious metals and minerals.



Success in this business depends on market demand, location, cost minimization, experienced operators and dependable funding. The good news is demand for all the minerals and precious metals on our exploration sites is expected to rise. We have multiple claims on 4460 acres in the Kirkland Lake and other areas of mineral-rich northern Ontario. These sites are easily accessible to existing roads and rail, close to mining communities, and near mining exploration, development and refining operations. In short – we are well-positioned in a proven mining area with anticipated cost-efficient operations.
A team of mining and business experts has been assembled to manage and operate the projects on our claims. We have engaged the services of Canadian Exploration Services (CXS), a leading and highly respected provider of exploration services, as a key member of our team. We have a strategy for providing on-going revenue and cash flow during the exploration and development phases of our projects. Adequate funding that is not fully dependent on costly financing is unique in our industry and is made possible by our parent company, Atacama Resources International, Inc. (ACRL OTCQB). ACRL owns another company, GOOD2DRIVE, a high-tech business that is positioned to produce cash flow and funding for the mining operations.



Long valued for its corrosion and wear-resistant properties, cobalt has been used in special alloys like those used in aircraft engines. It is an essential element used in electroplating and for imparting blue and green colors to glass and ceramic products. Radioactive 60co is used in cancer treatment. We expect a major increase in demand for cobalt as the worldwide electric vehicle battery and energy storage businesses expand. 


Copper continues to be a preferred conductor of heat and electricity with numerous uses in the electrical and high tech industries. It is also used in many alloys including those for coins and for gun metal.


Canada has four diamond mines and is the third largest supplier of gem quality diamonds in the world. The USA has no diamond mines. Early exploration work on our diamond properties has turned up macro and micro diamonds – from samples close to the surface. The market demand for diamonds from North American sources is expected to grow – especially from the USA (the world’s largest market for diamonds).


Gold is a crucial asset to hold during economic, political and social uncertainty. It is also valued for jewelry and other applications where conductivity and non-corrosive material is essential. The demand for “cheap” gold is expected to rise. The cost of exploration and extraction where deep mining is required is becoming uneconomical for producers. New discoveries are rare. Atacama gold sites are near one of the world’s most successful producing gold mines. Our prospects for success in the gold business look very bright to us.


New and exciting uses for this mineral are creating high market demands worldwide. Graphite has recently been categorized as a crucial strategic mineral by several governments including the United States and the European Union because it is used in energy related applications such as electric vehicles, Pebble Bed nuclear reactors, fuel cells, solar panels energy storage, photovoltaics and many electronics including smartphones and laptops. China is thought to produce 70% of the present global supply. They are now retaining 80% for their own use. North America needs 25 new graphite mines by 2020 to keep up with demand.

Iron ore

Iron ore is the base ingredient for the many iron and steel products used throughout the world. The demand, especially for North American ore is expected to rise as major infrastructure, military and large building projects are implemented. Atacama has iron sites with excellent infrastructure logistics. We are motivated to develop these ore-producing sites. 


Canadian Exploration Services (CXS) manages our mining operations. A leading provider of exploration geophysics, exploration services and construction services, CXS operates a modern fleet of heavy equipment, including drilling rigs, excavators, backhoes, bulldozers, road graders, dump trucks  rock trucks, and other heavy machinery. They also offer complete geophysical survey design, implementation, interpretation and reporting services. 

Induced Polarization (IP)
A High Definition DEEP IP, which is field proven to be both economical and effective. Also offered are: Gradient IP, Pole Dipole IP, Dipole Dipole IP, Data Inversion.
Magnetometer (Mag) /Very Low Frequency EM (VLF)
Offering Stop and Go Mag, VLF or Mag and VLF, as well as Walking Mag, or Mag and VLF and No Grid Mag, VLF or Mag and VLF
CXS recently completed a series of surveys on the Atacama mining properties.
Technical Services / Construction:
  • 43-101 report writing
  • Mining claim Geo-referencing to MNDM standards or better
  • Differential GPS services with accuracy of up to 2cm possible
  • Exploration Plans and Permits preparation and submission
  • First Nation consultation
  • Complete exploration project management
  • Mining claim staking in Ontario and Quebec
  • Line cutting services
  • Channel sampling
  • Hydraulic pressure washing
  • Soil sampling: MMI, humus, till etc. sampling and reporting
  • Prospecting with full reports
  • Mining claim inspections
  • Mining hazard inspections and remediation to MNDM Provincial Standard

  • Project supervision
  • Drill road and pad construction
  • Helicopter pad construction
  • Bush road construction including culvert & bridge installation
  • Summer and winter and maintenance
  • Core sawing in field or in our core saw room
  • Core shack rental in Larder Lake or field core shack installation/rental
  • Sonic drilling for tailings sampling or soil sampling at depth
  • Portable Diamond Drilling under 150kg.
  • Forestry consulting
  • Work permit applications for Ontario (culverts, roads etc.)
  • Water sampling
  • Geophysics

10820 68th Place
Kenosha, WI 53142
Atacama Resources International, Inc. is a public US Corporation committed to a diversified portfolio of developments, products and services that fall within the expertise of the executive team.
Atacama Resources International Launches ‘Fit4Duty’, a Pioneering Mobile Application for Companies with Employees in Hazardous Jobs and Drivers of Company VehiclesPress Release |12/12/2017
PLANTATION, Fla., Dec. 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Atacama Resources International (OTC PINK:ACRL) developers of a suite of mobile applications, announced today that the Company has released ‘Fit4Duty’, a mobile application that allows companies to test cognitive alertness for its employees before getting behind the wheel of a company vehicle and  for employees working in potentially hazardous work assignments.   Fit4Duty includes a 60-90 second image matching test using a patented algorithm that was created based on the scientific study of cognitive abilities at various West Coast hospitals and universities.
Fit4Duty includes both the cognitive test and the employer controlled dashboard that manages hundreds or even thousands of employees in their company.
“We are pleased to announce the release of Fit4Duty through Google Play and the iTunes store. We are convinced that this mobile application will create a safer environment in the company for both company drivers and those working in potentially dangerous jobs,” stated Glenn Grant, President and CEO of Atacama Resources.  “Drinking and drug use are major concerns for employers in all industries, and Fit4Duty will help companies identify and resolve issues related to employee alertness.  Fit4Duty’s patented algorithm and test have been proven to accurately identify cognitive impairment whether it is due to drinking, drugs or drowsiness."
Fit4Duty features have been developed specifically to assist employers in detecting possible impairment in their employees that could cause harm either while driving a company vehicle or while working in a potentially hazardous environment.  The logistics of keeping track of hundreds or thousands of employees has been addressed by Fit4Duty, and the results are presented in a ‘Corporate Dashboard’ that provides employee information as requested by the company.  Not only can many employees be signed up in one session, overall information about the test history of each employee can be presented in pie shape or bar graph format.  Details can include the list of all employees, the ability to click on one employee to see individual results, average results and latest results.  Trends can be noted on an individual employee basis and evaluated, and corrective action taken as required. 
Fit4Duty is not about adding complexity to the start-up checklist at the beginning of the shift.  That extra minute or so to take the test will confirm that the employee is fit to start work that day or, more importantly, will signal that the employee is NOT in a position to work safely.   
Future news releases will highlight companies that install Fit4Duty as part of their overall employee management system.
More information about Fit4Duty is available at www.fit4dutynow.net.
About Atacama Resources International (www.acrlintl.com)
Atacama Resources International is a publicly traded OTC company with significant mining claims in the greater Kirkland Lake area of Northern Ontario.  Metals and minerals under potential exploration include gold, silver, diamonds, graphite and cobalt. Major deposits of copper and iron ore are included in the mining claims.  Atacama’s technology business includes a pioneering smartphone applications called Good2Drive, Fit4Duty and follow on products that will be released in 2018.
Safe Harbor Statement
Certain information set forth in this news announcement may contain forward-looking statements that involve substantial known and unknown risks and uncertainties. These forward-looking statements are subject to numerous risks and uncertainties, certain of which are beyond the control of Atacama Resources International. Such forward-looking statements are based on current expectations, estimates and projections about the Company’s industry, management beliefs and certain assumptions made by its management.  Readers are cautioned that the assumptions used in the preparation of such information, although considered reasonable at the time of preparation, may prove to be imprecise and, as such, undue reliance should not be placed on forward-looking statements.  Information concerning factors that could cause the Company's actual results to differ materially from those contained in these forward-looking statements can be found in the Company's periodic reports on Form 10-K and Form 10-Q, and in its Current Reports on Form 8-K, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Unless required by law, the Company undertakes no obligation to update publicly any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events, or otherwise to reflect future events or circumstances or reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events.

Glenn Grant
Atacama Resources
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Conclusion: Based on our due diligence we believe ACRL is extremely undervalued at current low prices and could potentially offer major gains potential over the coming weeks. We are anticipating a target projection of up to .01 cents range.