Friday, February 11, 2011

Penny Stock Geeks

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Friday's Stock's Watchlist-CNUV, SFSH, VYGO

CNUV- Reverse Merger stocks have been blasting away lately after the investor community saw GWAY soar from 01 cents to over $4 dollars on a reverse merger by a prominent business man. CNUV is unique in it's own sense in which they are a chinese company in the solar industry. With energy demands rising look for the solar industry to outperform. With its recent 8k and form 13D filed investors are still blindsided and fail to realize that a reverse merger is about to happen right behind their eyes. Now makes for a great time to accumulate as the charts are trending upwards and we could see the pps at higher levels before the reverse merger even occurs.

SFSH- After a downfall the stock is looking to rebound and bounce away. We expect SFSH to hit 0050 or higher with the potential to surge to the 01 cent mark in the weeks ahead.

VYGO-Voyager Energy is in the right industry at the right time. With oil and metal prices rising as energy demand increases look for VYGO to outperform and become extremely profitable this year. With an excellent CEO who has the brains and "know how" to take his company to the next level, we expect to see 01+ cents or higher by the end of the month. More news and filings are expected to be out within the next few weeks.

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