Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Penny Stock Geeks

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Tuesday's Watchlist- KING, SSHS

KING- King Resources surged yesterday from our .0010 cents alert to gold members. The stock now sits some 50% up from our alert closing the session at .0015 cents. With OIL prices soaring due to the middle east crisis on fear of OIL shortages look forward to KING to bring you those generous gains we all dream of. With a merger in the horizon and much more to come, now makes a great time to accumulate before the price shoots up much higher. We expect KING to outperform this week.

SSHS- SSHS alerted at .0005 yesterday hit an intraday high of .0008 cents before closing the session at .0007 cents. SSHS is on breakout alert and we expect a PFNO type repeat to occur as early as today.

Monday's Winners-EYSM 200% Gains, PFNO 300% Gains, KING 50%

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