Friday, February 18, 2011

Penny Stock Geeks

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Friday's Stocks To Watch- PWLK, CNUV, VYGO

PWLK- PowerLock International surged out of the gates yesterday on sudden massive volume from our .0008 cents alerts to our gold membership subscribers Wednesday night. PWLK reached an intraday high yesterday of 0013 cents posting an impressive 60% in gains from our alert and looks to have the steam to keep going. The buzz has just started in the investment world which could call for a major breakout for PWLK well above .0020 cents.

CNUV- China Nuvo Solar Energy retraced during yesterday's trading session causing some panic selling. Later in the trading session as investors bought up shares of the stock CNUV closed in the green at .0047 cents. The stock is now over 250% from our .0012-.0016 cents alert and even after hitting .0066 cents a few days ago the charts show an uptrend in place. With the majority of investors holding strong and with Reverse Merger news possibly around the corner we believe CNUV will provide enormous gains for those invested.

VYGO- Voyager Energy bounced back yesterday after hitting its recent new bottom at .0030 cents. The stock saw a major bounce from .0030 cents to close at a high of .0038 cents. With a new company website just released and news pending, things are surely looking hot for VYGO and it's shareholders.

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