Saturday, December 17, 2011

Penny Stock Geeks

COHO (Cooper Holding Corp)- Our Next 1,000% Gainer?

We issued a buy on COHO (Cooper Holding Corp) at .0011 cents to our members on Friday, Dec 9th, 2011. Since then the stock has surged as high as .0037 cents on Friday, Dec 16th, 2011 posting an incredible 260% gains potential since our initial alert and still managed to close strong at .0035 cents. We believe this stock has a lot more gas left in its tank with much more yet to come and we have revised our targets to .02+ to .03 cents for the near term. With the buzz growing the past few days on this hot stock, there is a very strong chance the stock could see a break over .01+ cents as early as next week. We emailed the President of COHO Dan Cooper on Thursday, Dec 15th and got a quick response early the next morning which indicates a very promising and rewarding future both for the company and its investors. The email response can be seen below.

to    David Thomson <>
date    Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 8:58 AM
subject    RE: Investment Question
I can not reply as to when but yes more news is coming

Thank you,

Dan Cooper/President
Cooper Holding Corp

Based on our extensive due diligence on COHO and the fact that the President took the time to reply back to our email and what he stated, we firmly believe that COHO has a very good chance to hit our revised targets of .01+ to .03 cents between now and January 2012 of next year.

Below lets take a look at the chart for COHO. We can see the RSI still in the power zone at 69.93. We saw some decent accumulation today and the fact we have already broken and passed the 50 Day Moving Average at .0020 cents it appears we are well on our way now to break the next level which is the 200 Day Moving Average at .0090 cents.

COHO .0035 Chart

Business Description
Cooper Holding Corp's diverse product line includes hunting blinds, cover scents, archery equipment, lures, attractants and hunting apparel. These products are sold through our wholly owned subsidiary Cooper Hunting Industries, Inc. Over 150 dealers and distributors market products for the company nationwide as well as E-commerce operations at and
"2011 will be a momentous year for the Cooper shareholders as we create new levels of success through diversification of product lines as well as profitable acquisitions. It is my desire to serve the shareholders of Cooper and develop a program that will capture a huge part of a 22.9 billion dollar market," stated Mr. Cooper, President of Cooper Holding Corp. During our five years in operation Cooper has shown 40-60% increases in sales each year.  

Currently Cooper's flagship is the unique Chameleon Blind, which comes in two models; a gun model and a bow model. It is the only patented tree-stand blind on the market to date. There are five new unique hunting blind products which Cooper plans to unveil in January of 2012. These products will greatly enhance the Chameleon line, assuring continuous growth for stockholders. The mission of Cooper Hunting Industries, Inc. is to serve the hunting community with honesty and integrity while providing unique and effective products that enhance the hunting experience.

Contact Info
COHO Security Details Share Structure
Market Value1$294,659a/o Dec 13, 2011
Shares Outstanding133,935,913a/o Aug 23, 2011
Float68,014,664a/o Jun 30, 2011
Authorized Shares280,000,000a/o Jun 30, 2011
Par Value0.001

Now lets talk about Cooper Holding Corp starting with their CEO and founder Daniel Earl Cooper.

Daniel Earl Cooper, the founder of Cooper Holding Corp holds a degree in business finance and has been involved in business management for two decades. His dedication to honesty, integrity and hard work was instilled at an early age while working for his father. Daniel would eventually purchase his father's construction company.

In 1996 he was awarded a contractor's license in the State of Florida. Together he and his brother Gary Cooper managed C&K Construction Inc. for eight years. Construction projects included spec homes, custom homes and commercial projects. In 2004, Daniel saw that the housing crash was inevitable and elected to move in a new direction.

He moved his family to Southern Georgia where he was a consultant for several municipalities in the South East District. These municipalities are; Jesup, Pembroke, Fort Stewart, Ludowici, Riceboro, Hinesville, Folkston and Richmond Hill. His responsibilities included project analysis with respect to code requirements, meeting Federal Regulations, field inspections, budget oversight and providing documentation and detailed reports to the local government. 

In 2004, Daniel invented the unique hunting accessory called the Chameleon Blind. This blind exploded out onto the market and in 2006 Daniel got together with Timothy Durant, to form Cooper Hunting Accessories, LLC. The company we now know as Cooper Hunting Industries, Inc. a subsidiary of Cooper Holding Corp.

Cooper Hunting Inc

The Cooper Hunting Inc division was started to change the way people hunt. Cooper Hunting felt a strong need to change and make it easier for hunters to find their prey with ease and minimal effort.
The company's website for their hunting division can be viewed at
With uncertain and tough economic times many are left without jobs and food. Hunting for food provides for a way to survive for many around the world. This is where Cooper Hunting comes into play and maximizes the catch for many who have purchased their products. With fewer competition from others in the same business and more new products to be released in January of 2012,COHO (Cooper Holding Corp) looks ready to emerge and establish a name for themselves in today's world.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Penny Stock Geeks

COHO (COOPER HOLDING CORP) .0018 Cents- The Next 1,000% Gainer?
On Friday December 9th, 2011 we issued a buy on COHO (Cooper Holding Corp) to our VIP members near its 52 week lows at .0011 cents. The stock surged late in the trading session closing up over 60% on just over 3 million shares in volume. COHO was trading at just over .03 cents back in January 2011 of this year and in the summer of 2011 of this year the stock traded slightly above .04 cents. The stock has been on a downward spiral since then and now appears to be on the verge of a major rebound. The company specializes in a recession proof business dealing with hunting products. As most of you may already know that when times are tough in today's economy, many people take to hunting to survive and feed their families. The company's website can be viewed at

One of the most positive things about this company is that it is a revenue producing company and with the recent revenues reported we see a p/e calculation of .01+ cents per share. In other words the stock appears to be extremely undervalued and we may have just stumbled upon what many savvy investors seek in the Penny Stock world; the next 1,000% gainer. With major commercial/ advertisement campaigns slated for January 2012 and its impressive float of just 68 million shares, we believe there is much more to come from this exciting company as they unveil their latest hunting products early next year.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Penny Stock Geeks


With its current share price of just .14 cents looks to be one of the most promising junior Gold exploration companies in Nevada Usa. They own a major stake on one of the most richest gold mineral deposits in the heart of Nevada. We have been behind IROG for quite some time after doing our research. The company did a reverse split on Oct 28th, 2011 to lower their share structure and make their share price more attractive. The CEO also has stated in the latest 10K filings that he will not sell any of his shares until at least the end of November 2012 of next year. This brings confidence from the CEO about his company and something investors should look at on a positive note. The stock is now slowly starting to get noticed by traders after we brought it to the general public and with the companies recent 10K and financials filed this week the company appears to be positioning themselves for what we feel could be a life changing opportunity. Some of you may recall LEXG which was .10 cents back on the end of January 31st, 2011 and the stock surged to over $10/ a share just 3 months later. LEXG being a lithium play to be able to achieve such extrordinary possibilities just makes our mouths water as we look at IROG being a Gold miner with huge potential.

Above you can see the detailed map of the Nevada mining district which bodes as very promising for IROG. IROG also is awaiting results of the Falcon Exploration on its Nevada mine property. We expect major positive outcome on the results which are expected to be released shortly. As inflation rises and the Eurozone and worldwide debt crisis worses we expect Gold and Silver to surge in prices. Gold prices could see a staggering $8,000 by 2013. Ultimately Gold miners such as IROG with its low float could be that one stock that could make it a lifechanger for many.