Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Penny Stock Geeks

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Tuesday's Watchlist- CNUV
CNUV- The next GWAY?
Lately we have all seen how these reverse merger shell penny stocks have recently soared to astounding heights. GWAY last week surged some 55,000% from 02 cents to over $5 dollars in a span of just 3 days, TSAS surged 20,000% and then just yesterday CLGZ (China Logistics) surged over 500%. With its recent filings over the past few weeks, CNUV has quietly and steadily moved upwards. Yesterday's trading session showed the biggest accumulation in CNUV's history as the stock soared to new heights. With many investors still debating as to wether to buy and accumulate, the answer lies in the recent filings by the company which proves a reverse merger is about to take place. There is a strong possibility that CNUV will hit the 01 cent or higher target mark before the end of the week and with regards to the reverse merger news we could very well be just days away from that news. CNUV offers a great opportunity for those who are looking to maximize their return on investment and what better way than to invest in a reverse merger play like CNUV?


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