Sunday, February 13, 2011

Penny Stock Geeks

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Weekend Update- This weeks winners TSAS, MMTE 320%, NRHI 650%, GLER 130%
TSAS- Roars its way up 20,000%+ intraday! 

Last week started off with an impressive week as GWAY shocked the investment world after its shell was bought over by a prominent business man with tons of money. After witnessing GWAY surge 55,000%+, folks have been overwhelmed hoping to find the next big reverse merger play. We had alerted TRDY last week as well and saw the stock soar some 160% from our alert after its 8k filing. It seems to be that TRDY is lining up its filings and getting itself in order to be taken over. If we take a look at the location of TRDY's head office we can see that major Oil players are situated in the same region. This leads us to believe that 2011 may be very well the year TRDY will reward its patient shareholders possibly after it is taken over by one of the oil giants. 

Again by the end of the week investors were looking for the next big shell gem and TSAS happened to be just that type of gem bringing some smiles on a few folks who raked in astonishing gains of thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now putting all this in perspective we can truly say that these dormant shell stocks will be quite hot for some time and you can be sure that we will be bringing some big winners right here to the penny stock geeks gold membership subscribers.

MMTE- Mammoth Energy has been one of our most favourite undervalued mining penny stock which was bought to our subscribers back in january when the stock price was in the triple zero ranges. Since then MMTE has rocketed to an intraday high on friday of 0032 cents before closing still up at 0027 cents. MMTE has a lot to offer investors and we ask ourselves one question; will MMTE be the next CWRN? Our answer; certainly if the momentum continues. Also it would be a big boost of confidence for investors if the company releases some type of news in the comming weeks.
NRHI- This low floater has been on a buzz earlier this week after we alerted our subscribers at 0010 cents. Since then the stock soared to highs of 0079 bringing potential profits of 650%. Once again this is the benefit of becomming a subscriber and being able to buy our picks and alerts before they run big.

GLER- GLER was our alert on friday. After our Alert GLER moved its way from 0.017 cents to an impressive intraday high of 0.0369 totaling 130%+ gains to be made. 

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