Monday, February 20, 2012

Penny Stock Geeks

MEXP (Marine Exploration Inc) Ready To Find Hidden Treasure?

MEXP .0010- Our most recent alert MEXP was initially alerted last week with the ask at .0009 cents. Since then the stock has offered opportunity to buy as low as .0007 cents and even hit .0012 cents intraday high on friday. With precious metals on the rise, this underwater exploration company which finds hidden treasures in the seas should do very well this year and in the years to come. The company recently issued news to shareholders and on January 27th, 2012 and we expect to hear some promising news soon. We believe MEXP will start to trend higher in the coming weeks and expect to see a target price of .0040 to .0050 cents.

F-3 Technologies Inc. The Next Social Media Monster In The Makings?

FTCH .0020- We initially alerted FTCH with the ask at .0010 cents to VIP members several weeks ago. Since then FTCH surged 260% last week to hit .0036 cents high before retracing. At this point FTCH appears to be consolidating and heading back up. The next test will be to break the .0040 cents level as early as this week. Social Media stocks have been on fire as of late as we have witnessed such as BSGC which did a run from .0019 to .012 cents recently and currently sits at .011 cents. We expect FTCH to hit the .01+ cents target short term especially with pending news expected to be out shortly. 

SNDY- Our best medical stock of 2012 brings 1,800% in gains from .0008 cents alert to VIP members so far and the stock does not look like it wants to stop going.

SNDY .0082- Our best medical penny stock for 2012 appears to be on a roll. SNDY was initially alerted last month with the ask at .0008 cents. At that time we were strong on SNDY and felt it will make an impressive move this year. Since then SNDY has surged 1,800% this week when it hit .0147 cents on share buy back news from the company. With 24 medical FDA approved devices and breast cancer being on the rise in women we expect SNDY to profit and do very well this year. We have put a target price of .15+ cents for this year which could hit over the next 2 to 4 months or so.

GDSM BRINGS 2,300% in gains from our .0004 cents alert to VIP members Last Year!

GSDM .0084- As some of you already know we first alerted GDSM to VIP members last year at .0004 cents. Since then GDSM has offered a number of opportunities to make some decent profits. It was only during the past several months after GDSM turned the tables and updated their filings that we sensed something big about to happen. Last week GDSM surprised the investment community when it hit 2,300% in gains at .0095 cents on friday posting one of the most incredible gains for this year. This is another great example of how we bring quality picks and alerts for our members but with patience they can bring the type of gains traders dream of. Congratulations to those who have profited big. Again with Gold expected to be on the rise over the next few years we expect GDSM to outperform and keep trending higher.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Penny Stock Geeks

SNDY .0023 Cents (Solos Endoscopy) The Next VKNG?

SNDY- It has been just under a month since we first brought SNDY (Solos Endoscopy) to our VIP subscribers attention. Since our initial alert at .0008 cents the stock allowed our VIP members first opportunity to accumulate shares as low as .0008 cents. This week SNDY hit an intraday high of .0029 cents posting an impressive 240%+ in gains potential since our initial alert last month. Solos Endoscopy is an undiscovered medical/ biotech company which specializes in a variety of medical instruments including their hottest product the Mammoview Breast Cancer Detection system. These state of the art Breast Cancer Detection Systems have a high detect accuracy rate in detecting Breast Cancer in women well in advance, at a cost effective price making it one of the most promising and affordable life saving device in the healthcare sector across the world. Currently the Mammoview Breast Cancer detection systems are being used at a the California Cancer Care Research Institute and a variety of other hospitals and medical facilities within USA. 

Based on our research we have uncovered another pleasant surprise which has got us all even more excited. We have found that Solos Endoscopy is currently working on unveiling their all new Mammoview Breast Cancer detection system in the near future. if you remember what a product launch fair for a medical company can do for a company and its investors, look no further than VKNG and its unforgettable run from .0080 cents to over $1 dollar in a span of a few weeks on their medical product launch with their 3D Vision technology device used during surgery. The bottom line here is the potential of Solos Endoscopy is quite overwhelming and one that could quite possibly bring many traders from "rags to riches". Finally if we are to give a conservative estimate we believe .02+ to .10 cents short term could be quite attainable. Longer term the potential certainly is there for Solos Endoscopy to go much further.

RENU .0050 Cents (RenuEN Corp) (Formerly SHKZ) Hits .01 cents target price today!

RENU .0050- RenuEN Corp formerly known as SHKZ was initially alerted to our VIP subscribers just over a month ago with the bid at .0014 cents and the ask at .0015 cents. At the time we also mentioned to our VIP subscribers and our blog readers that the stock should meet a target of .01 cents to .03 cents range. Yesterday late in the trading session the company released exciting news on their name change to RenuEN Corp which officially took place this morning. The stock hit a high of day at .01 cents bringing a total of over 600% in gains for our VIP subscribers and proving the point that we bring quality winning picks poised for those explosive gains that traders dream of. Congratulations to those of you who followed our alert and made some insane profits.