Thursday, February 17, 2011

Penny Stock Geeks

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Thursdays Stocks To Watch- RENG, CNUV, MMTE 

RENG-With recent Reverse Merger Shell stocks being in play RENG suddenly catapulted 120% yesterday hitting an intraday high of 0.0049 cents before closing the session at 0.0040 cents. This Reverse Merger Shell has been taken over by Mina Mar and is currently seeking an acquisition company to merge with. With it's low float the potential here could reach gains as high as 400 to 500% from  these levels. Now makes for a great time to accumulate as we anticipate further gains coming in the days ahead.

CNUV- Chinese Reverse Merger stocks are on fire again as we have seen lately with CLGZ surging from 03 cents to an impressive run to 0.20 cents in just 1 day. With Perkins Capital having a major interest we expect this prominent investment company to be the key that could unlock the door to the fortunes we have all dreamed of. We expect CNUV to trade higher in the days and weeks ahead as investors anticipate the Reverse Merger news. Reverse Merger plays can be quite lucrative bringing penny stocks from its lows to 05 cents and in some cases even several dollars such as the GWAY stock which surged from 02 cents to over 5 dollars in the span of 3 days. We believe CNUV has the hidden treasures which investors want and we expect the outcome to be impressive when news is released.

MMTE-Mammoth Energy has retraced after 350% gains since we have alerted it last month. We expect MMTE to have major accumulation from its bottom at 0.0019 cents and upwards. We expect a bounce to occur over the next few trading sessions.

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