Monday, February 21, 2011

Penny Stock Geeks

Welcome to Penny Stock Geeks. We work hard to find you extremely undervalued pennystocks poised for explosive gains of 100%, 200% to 1,000% and more! Subscribe For The Hottest PennyStock alerts @ or and be one of the FIRST to know for just $29.99 a month.

                          Penny Stock Geeks IPOD Touch Promotion 

Win a Brand New IPOD Touch when you subscribe as a Gold Membership Subscriber before March 31st, 2011. (All new subscribers will be entered into a draw in which one lucky winner will win the grand prize. Deadline is March 31st, 2011 so be sure to subscribe early!)

Last weeks winners-CNUV 300%, HESV 500%+ MMTE 350%, ATIG 120%,PWLK 90%= 1,360% GAINS!!

CNUV- At .0039 cents the return on investment could be a possible life changer for some. With hundreds of investors holding hundreds of thousands and millions of shares one only needs to look no further than the recent 8K and 10Q filings. The most recent press release on friday indicates a Reverse Merger is on the horizon. Now we all ask ourselves one question; who will CNUV merge with? That is the million dollar question and one that can cause a run from .0039 cents to $.15 cents or higher dependant on the type and valuation of the merger agreement.

MMTE- Mammoth Energy has hit an intraday high of .0037 cents last week from our .0006/ .0007 cent alert to our subscribers just last month. The stock went on to surge upwards bringing over 300% in gains. The pullback even offered a fantastic opportunity at .0016 cents to lock in cheap shares for a longer term buy and hold vision. We are calling MMTE the next CWRN on a smaller scale. As demand for lithum increases along with the world population MMTE is well positioned to take advantage and become an icon in its industry. 

 HESV- Home Energy Savings alerted last sunday night at .0007 cents hit .0060 cents 2 days later bringing in over 500%+ in gains for our subscribers. This one is another breakout alert bringing in massive gains in a very short time period.

ATIG- Alerted last sunday night at .0007 cents hits intraday high of around .0017 cents two days later totaling 120% gains.

PWLK- Power Lock International surged out of the gates last thursday from our .0008 cents alert hitting .0015 cents in 2 days from our alert. 90% gains is not bad in 2 days after an incredible week totaling over 1,360%+ in gains for our subscribers. Our subscribers are raking in massive profits so what are you waiting for? Subscribe today for just $29.99 a month and get IN before the crowd does!

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