Friday, February 4, 2011

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Fri, Feb 4th, 2011- Our Sizzling Winners This week- are: EXCS 1,700%, PFMS 100%, PWTC 180% VYGO Next?

EXCS (Execute Sports) 0040 cents
Our Hottest Pick this week gains an astonishing 1,700% from our 0006 Alert to our Subscribers. This is why we invest in Penny Stocks; to have a chance at the next big Explosive winner that can be for some, a life changer. Execute Sports is a growing sporting company that has many clothing products  in the market. This week the company's stock price suddenly surged after rumours or a reverse merger had surfaced. The Penny Stock Geeks Gold Membership Subscribers raked in some mind blowing gains once again.

VYGO (Voyageur Energy) 0030 cents

Voyageur Energy appears to be trending upwards since our alert in the 0020 ranges. Since then VYGO has steadily crept up and appears to be garnering investor attention. Rumours of major oil contracts on the horizon have been surfacing which shows a more than likely possibility for explosive gains of 200 to 300% or more from these levels. With energy prices surging we expect VYGO to keep up and show its true valuation in the weeks ahead.

PFMS-Reverse Merger Comming? 







PFMS (Paper Free Medical Systems) 0019 cents

PFMS is appearing to be on a brink of a Reverse Merger. Many are waiting in anticipation of the closing of a possible Reverse Merger. This is what makes Reverse Mergers exciting. Reverse Mergers can be quite lucrative and being in on the bottom can have extremely hefty payoffs. Today's trading action looked to be a continuation of yesterday's run since we first alerted our Subscribers before market open. Look for more gains on PFMS next week if the volume continues.








PWTC (Power Technology Inc) 0016 cents

Power Technology Inc has been trading quite well the last two trading sessions with higher than normal volume. Once again we had alerted our Subscribers Thursday morning before market open. The stock had an astonishing day hitting intraday highs of 0016 cents bringing in 180% for our Subscribers. If the momentum on PTWC should continue we expect the stock to hit 0030 cents or higher next week.


Great triple zero stocks that appear to be getting accumulated and posting higher trends. These stocks are some of our favourtite triple zero stocks that are poised for big gains for 2011.

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