Saturday, October 30, 2010

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Welcome to PennyStockGeeks. We work hard to find you extremely undervalued pennystocks poised for explosive gains and no we are not just talking about 100% and 200% but 1,000% and more!

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PennyStockGeeks Update- Monday November 1st, 2010

PCFG- Pacific Gold Corp

PCFG 0.0354 cents 

Today Pacfic Gold certainly busted its move after swaying the last few weeks between 014 and 02 Cents. In last nights free subcriber alert I had mentioned PCFG as the top alert and I hope many of you had purchased PCFG first thing in the morning. Nontheless after todays exciting session the stock ran a high 85%+ from my alert last night and seems to be itching to go much more.
      I have studied PCFG very closely for the past few weeks and I find this to be one of the very few quality Gold/ Mining PennyStock plays with Huge potential. After watching CPMCF breakout to an astonishing 05 cent to .75 cent on huge shorting I feel the sky is the limit on PCFG. Could PCFG do a CPMCF type run? The answer is yes it can especially given the valuation of the company and its assets as well as the huge shorting which had been going on. Going forward I feel PCFG will continue to hit higher highs and I would like to see us sustain a continued run.

SNEY -Synergy Inc

SNEY 0092- SNEY- Today Sunergy Inc also caught my attention as it finally paved way to push for the 01+ break before retracing to a modest 0092 cent close. Going forward SNEY seems to also be another of the few quality Gold/ mining stocks to own.

Below is some  brief Due Diligence i'd like to provide for Sunergy Inc tonight.

Sunergy is an expanding aggressive junior mining exploration and development Company that is production oriented at the earliest possible profitable opportunity. SNEY controls 100% of the 150 Square Kilometres of the Nyinahin mining concession with a full prospecting license. 

            The concession is surrounded by several operating mines and is adjacent to Newmont Mining's property. This concession has the Ofin river flowing through our eastern portion and there are numerous artisan pits ready for testing and evaluation for near term production. The Ofin river is known for good alluvial gold production. The company has also recently stated "We are acquisition oriented and are considering several projects suitable for near term production".

SNEY has also recently acquired a property of 1,785,714 oz of GOLD which has a given value of around $2.3 Billion dollar with an established NI 43-101 Technical Report on it. The NI 43-101 which is the international mining standard is one of the key things which make SNEY standout amongs many.

The company's website can be viewed at

SGCP- Sierra Gold Corp 

SGCP 0013- Today this quiet Gold, diamond and mineral stock had been slowly accumulated and showed a slight gain at 0014 before retracing to a model 0013 share price. Based on my due diligence on this stock since the last few months when I first alerted my free subscribers around 0005-0006 range the future just seems to be getting better and better. These extremely undervalued Gold/ Mining plays are becomming more and more lucrative and something every investor wants to own. With high Gold, silver and other mineral prices along with huge demand in the worldwide market, nothing beats investing in Gold and mining stocks on a whole. 
       SGCP is due for some exciting news quite possibly soon and along with the amount of attention it will be looking to get soon is a sure bet to blast it away for tremendous profits for you my free subscribers. If you are looking to get into an extremely undervalued Gold/ mining play this one is one you want to keep and hold onto and reap the rewards thereafter.
PennyStockGeeks Update- Sunday October 31st, 2010
Medium Term Pick Of the Year
UWRL- United Wireless Online
UWRL 0009- U.S. Wireless Online, Inc. provides high-speed, wireless Internet access and related applications and services for businesses in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Indiana, Mississippi, and Georgia. The company owns and operates the broadband wireless Internet network spanning approximately 3,000 square miles. In addition to providing broadband wireless Internet connectivity, it also engages in the development and implementation of various broadband Internet solutions. These solutions include voice over Internet protocol, wireless video monitoring and security systems, local and metropolitan area mobility, virtual private networking, and network system design and installation. 
          The company was incorporated in 2000 and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. The company is now currently undergoing a Mega 4 way Merger which is in the works with GERR, WP, VU365.COM, MAIN CHINA COMPANY...NET WORTH Is roughly Around 30-40 MIL. Based on my teams extensive research we have not found any toxic financing or dilution. UWRL's share structure is quite impressive and moves easily on good news and/ or momo. The share structure A/S is 2B, The O/S 1.95B, Restrictred is 1.4B which leaves a 640 Million Float. UWRL has come up with an impressive business plan for holding Conglomerate and 2+2 subsidiaries working together back to back GERR and Main China Company. These are yet to be announced for the companies plans for E-Waste Recycling business.
       UWRL'S Chart shows we are in consolidation mode currently and are looking to go extremely Bullish going forward, especially when news of the pending C/E removal and/ or Merger is announced. UWRL is a MinaMar play. If you had followed my team from HTDS back when it was in the 000's ranges and ran to an impressive 021 Cents then you do not want to miss out on an exceptional opportunity that could change your life forever.


GRNH-GreenGro Technologies closed the day Friday at 0.058 Cents up some 300% from my original alert for a second time gain of 150% profits after the weeks pullback. This hot stock has shown some promising moves two times in under 2 weeks for my free subscribers. The very first time I alerted this stock it was at 0175 cents and ran to an amazing 08 cents which made many of my free subscribers 400% in gains! If proposition 19 bill is passed next week by the US Government then GRNH could see some more explosive gains.

PRPM (Protek Capital Inc- Formerly ProPalms)

PRPM 0009 A nice green close of 0009 (30%) on the last friday of the month brings smiles to my face as it sets a new foundation for a new beginning for Protek Capital Inc. After the name change this week to Protek Capital Inc it appears to be doing much better as renewed interest is slowly comming back into the stock. This stock is now up some 30% from my original Alert. I had mentioned PRPM to my free subscribers when this stock was in the 0006-0007 range a few weeks ago. This week we saw some nice moves as the company completed their name change to Protek Capital Inc. The company also have their new website up and running which looks quite professional. If you notice the PR section has only 2 PR's as the company has just started with a new website and new company name and is already progressing and extremely transparent with it's shareholders. PRPM is ready to begin a new beginning and should do quite well going forward.
    The next step going forward for PRPM is the Dividend which should be out November 3rd next week. After the Dividend I believe the company will shortly Announce the closing of the Merger which it had announced in September. If you had followed my last alert on BFHJ when it was at 0005-0006 then you do not want to miss out on PRPM. I expect this stock to make some crazy moves soon.

SGCP- (Sierra Gold Corp)

SGCP 0013- With Gold prices skyrocketing there could never be a better time to get into undervalued Gold and Mining plays. SGCP is both a Gold and Diamond company. They currently have projects in Sierre Leone where they are set to have their 4 dredges operational soon. The rainy weather conditions delayed their process and they are now set to move forward. Now with the weather being good for some time now I believe SGCP is ready to showcase some explosive news soon as they work away with Gold and Diamond excavation.
     This stock was first mentioned to my free subscribers a few months ago when the stock was in the 0006-0007 range. The stock is now up some 100% from my original alert. It looks like Doug the CEO of SGCP is on his way to Sierre leone and will have some good news for SGCP shareholders soon. The company's website can be viewed at
   From the last PR "Sierra Gold Corp. (Pink Sheets:SGCP) is pleased to announce that it is now ready to commence dredging activities with all 4 dredges as soon as river levels permit. All equipment has been pre-located at initial selected sites and all licensing/permitting has been completed. Site prospecting is underway and will continue and be expanded as water levels recede to a point where all full scale dredging activity can commence"
      With Gold Rush fever and Skyrocketing High Gold prices I believe SGCP is well on its way to some explosive gains in the very near future.

STAU- Star Nutrition Inc- WALMART is Now Stocking INCREDISOLES     

With PENA the market maker who ran us down all the way to 0002 and with many trade organizations not allowing purchase of STAU it reminds me of BIEL and SPNG before they both ran from low levels to 1,000%+ gains. At 0002 I call this an absolute steal so grab your cheapies before they are gone. 
     My first alert of this stock occured when STAU was at 0007 and it ran all the way to 0018 quite easily for over 150% gains for my free subscribers. With a confirmed 35 Million share purchase on Friday I will bet the books that something is definetly about to brew here. I am sure PENA and the Market Makers have loaded on cheap shares and are set to run this up to explosive new highs so grab your cheapies before they are gone!

 That about sums up the week for now. Wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween weekend. Stay on Alert for my next Alert comming out Sunday night!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Penny Stock Geeks

 Welcome to Penny Stock Geeks. We work hard to find you extremely undervalued pennystocks poised for explosive gains and no we are not just talking about 100% and 200% but 1,000% and more!

PennyStockGeeks Update-Oct 25th, 2010
  MLXO- Today this stock did as I thought it would. MLXO was alerted to my subscribers at 0080 and today closed the day at a high of 0107 cents up 33.75%! The way MLXO is going I believe we should see much more gains going further in both short and medium term. This stock is extremely undervalued and with the CEO working on plenty of new valuable projects, this company does indeed have alot going for it.

IMAI- This stock today pulled back after it opened the day with a gap up at 015 cents in which some previous investors may have sold out. If you followed my alert on GRNH last week which ran roughly 400% from 0175 to 08 cents then you do not want to miss out on IMAI. 
      IMAI is an absolute steal at these prices. Based on the volume and charts I see IMAI heading back up this week especially with possible legalization of marijuana by the US government next month. Watch for alot of new investors come rushing in to buy these Hot Marijuana penny stocks after watching the CNBC broadcast this week!

PRPM (Propalms Inc) - This stock did quite well today with an increase in volume and PPS. The stock closed at 0009 up 30% from my 0007 alert which makes me happy knowing I alerted my subscribers at the 0006-0007 range a few weeks ago. After restructuring and changing their business focus PRPM is now poised to be a top tier company in their industry which includes IT Management and IT Services
. The Company also has registered its new domain name and made the required changes under the State of Nevada amendments and also recieved its new CUSIP and is waiting from FINRA to announce the exact date of the name change.
     With Company Dividend news expected to come out next week things are looking Hot for PRPM shareholders. PRPM will also be announcing a closing of their Merger anyday now. I feel PRPM (ProPalms inc) is set to post record new highs as investors start to realize the worth of " Cloud Computing" and the IT Services industry as a whole. 

HESG- This marijuana stock is making music to my hears knowing I alerted my subscribers at 0002 and today closed at 0003. Watch for sudden rush of buyers comming in herds after watching CNBC broadcasting Marijuana this week. HESG although called a lotto play is suddenly gaining massive attention which could cause this stock to explode if the law is passed.

Good luck and happy trading.



Saturday, October 23, 2010

Penny Stock Geeks

 Welcome to Penny Stock Geeks. We work hard to find you extremely undervalued pennystocks poised for explosive gains and no we are not just talking about 100% and 200% but 1,000% and more!

Weekend Update: GRNH, HESG,STAU

GRNH, HESG - What happens to these 2 companies if Marijuana Law is approved?

Watch the video and find out

GRNH 056 - I alerted my subscribers when the stock was 0175 Cents. The next day the stock shot up over 250%! Two days later the stock rose to a 08 cents posting explosive gains of 400% for my email subscribers before closing the week still up 325% from my alert. This is what I like to see for my subscribers; stocks that are poised to explode but also run and hold their gains for a longer term rather than a quick run up only to shoot down just as fast. This is why we recommend you subscribe today and follow us as we help you make money in the pennystock market. With Marijuana about to become possibly legalized by the USA Government next month this stock was and may still be just Too Hot to handle.

HESG 0002- We love this lotto play as this one could be the biggest play we have bet on all year. If in fact the proposed marijuana law does go into effect then HESG is definetly set to explode perhaps the most out of all the marijuana stocks since its share price is extremely so low. With CNBC and Discovery Channel set to have a marijuana televised event this week and legalization possibly a done deal as early as next month, marijuana stocks are certainly ripe for the picking.

STAU (Star Nutrition Inc)- I alerted my subscribers 2 weeks ago. The stock then shot up about 170% from the time I alerted my subscribers only to go down as the PENA market maker was weighing it down. After friday's close of 0004 I feel this stock has alot more going for it down the road. This stock does have alot of great potential and I feel that the company may have been diluting to raise funds to cover costs of marketing their new products. From the last PR the company stated they will be doing a " Hard Launch" of their products. I visited the Canadian Health Expo today where the company showcased their new products and I must say I am greatly impressed with their products. The company is growing at a rapid rate and orders are comming in including wholesale orders and I can bet the books alot more orders will be comming in very very soon. STAU was trading at 05 cents just about a month ago and took quite a tumble.  I feel this stock has alot more room to run and the possibilities outweight the risks because huge news is just around the corner; possibly news of a Walmart deal or another big box store.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Penny Stock Geeks

Welcome to Penny Stock Geeks. We work hard to find you extremely undervalued pennystocks poised for explosive gains and no we are not just talking about 100-200% but 1,000% and more!
STAU : Could this be the next BIEL in the makings?

STAU, Star Nutrition Inc currently at an extremely cheap bargain price of just 0005 caught my attention last week and I gave a heads up to my followers on Sunday Night after digging deep and finding out more on what this company is all about.  The next day after my announcement on STAU the stock made a mad dash from my 0007 call to 0018 to ring up a total of 120%+ gains! After my experience with BIEL which ran from 0030 levels to .12 cents last year I believe STAU has what it takes to " sock it " to the next level. 

With a number of products out in the market this company offers a great chance for investors to purchase shares at a steep discount and reap tremendous rewards in the very near future.

The company has come out with 2 new products that they will soon be launching , a new Diabetic sock and Incredibrace at the Canadian Health Food Association expo in Toronto October 23-24. This new sock has a 200 thread count sock, woven with bamboo charcoal and germanium to increase circulation. This is an extremely rare opportunity to see the true value of what this company is about to achieve. Nontheless if you remember BIEL from my 0030 call which ran to .12 cents or the VKNG stock which ran from 0050 to $1 dollar you can bet the banker on this one. The news surrounding VKNG when they were about to launch their 3D Vision surgical device and had a Health Expo exhibition to showcase their new products has similarities to STAU. First off the Launch of the New Diebetic sock has tremendous potential. 

This sock itself is a sure bet to be placed in Walmart and top drug/ Health stores. I have a friend who is a nurse and she has also told me that Diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate and also people who have Heart/ health problems tend to eventually end up with Diabetes. This is sad indeed but at the same time it is great for this company as more demand means more products and of course more profits while at the same time they help people live their lives the way they want and the way they should with comfort.

The second product which is the Incredibrace products, for carpal tunnel syndrome, knees, and low back, will be the first brace line on the market to increase circulation having the same properties as Incredisocks. I believe this also adds alot of additional value to the company. How many people suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and are in constant pain all the time? Again this is when Incredibrace can help assist and relieve the pain for people. 

The company has set up a website,, to act as a clearinghouse of information, as well as online ordering instructions. Reporting that the company has been overwhelmed with prospective customer inquiries about Incredisocks, Dr. Corley commented, “We are thrilled to finally bring these products to market.” Dr. Corley will be a guest on the “LET’S TALK HEALTH” radio show with Dr. Ria on October 14, 2010 from 11:00 A.M. - noon, 1440 AM, WNPV in Lansdale, Pa.

The Spray products are specially formulated to relieve symptoms associated with many every day health conditions such as allergy, flu, menopause and more. The Spray is available in the following forms: are a unique and innovative health care solution. The Spray products are sprayed under the tongue and absorbed through the sublingual mucus membrane. This form of administration is convenient, eliminating the need to swallow pills and potential stomach distress. 

The Spray products are homeopathic and are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Homeopathic products are recognized worldwide as one of the safest health care remedies available.

We will continue to keep track of STAU ( Star Nutrition Inc) as they progress and expand and will also be attending the Health Expo in Toronto on October 23rd and 24th this comming weekend. Until then stay safe and stock up at these bargain basement prices!

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