Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Wednesday's Stock's Watchlist-TRDY, PFMS, EFTI

TRDY-With an 8K filing out yesterday evening after the markets closed; shareholders of TRDY shares have one thing to surely smile about. From its impressive run from 000 levels to 02+ cents last year TRDY is now poised to provide its patient investors with something to smile about. Expect potential breakout levels today in both volume and share price as the 8K filings evidence is laid out piece by piece to prove a Reverse Merger is right behind closed doors. Be prepared for a bloody battle as negative folks battle with the positive folks and at this point we believe this would mean only one thing; that TRDY is set to reach new levels. We all saw how GWAY ran from 01 cents to over $2 dollars yesterday bringing over 24,000% in gains! This is the excitement of reverse mergers. Could TRDY be the next GWAY? We certainly think so!

PFMS- One of the most impressive stocks with massive potential PFMS had to surely pull back yesterday after 5 straight days of gains from our 0010 alert to our subscribers. It is now time for PFMS to continue its run and head for higher highs. We expect near term target price of 0050 cents with a potential of 01 cents if the 0050 target price is broken.

EFTI -This an active shell penny stock that is awaiting a merger candidate. These prices offer a great time to buy and hold. Potential of reverse merger's are so hot and we expect more buzz to come out on EFTI shortly

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