Saturday, January 29, 2011

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 Weekend Update: Sat, Jan 29th, 2011- WNWG,CWRN,DNNC,CNUV,MMTE

WNWG (WentWorth Energy) 0014 cents


WentWorth Energy was sizzling yesterday as Oil prices surged over $3 Dollars a barrel. Following the move WNWG saw an intraday sudden rush which saw the stock soar 80% from our Alert. We believe investors should see more gains in the weeks ahead.

CWRN (Cotton & Western Mining) 0.0280 cents (8,700% from our 0003 cent Alert Oct 2010)
Amazing day once again for CWRN shareholders as CWRN saw the price plunge intraday just below 02 cents only to suddenly rise back up and close healthy at 0.0280 cents. CWRN our hottest pick to date keeps going. We believe CWRN should see 04+ soon in the weeks ahead.

DNNC (Donini Inc) 0016 cents
Donini Inc a restaurant Pizza chain located in the heart of Toronto Canada has a lot to offer investors. This penny stock is perhaps one of the only few quality penny stocks out there that offer Huge upside potential. We alerted DNNC at 0008 cents a buy and hold longer term pick. Just a day later and many days later this stock offered 110% in gains and keeps bringing profits for our subscribers and blog readers. Look for more gains to come of 0030- 0050 in the weeks ahead. Longer term DNNC should see much more as the company progresses and releases news.

CNUV (China Nuvo Solar Energy) 0018 cents
China Nuvo has offered many entry points and plenty of time to take in profits. As the company is progressing and more investors are loving this undervalued penny stock expect the share price to go to the upside soon. Reverse Merger rumours are surfacing everywhere and with that said CNUV should bring a lot of patient investors massive profits. We have all witnessed SSOL which is another Solar stock which saw massive gains of 500%. CNUV offers excellent cheap entry points to buy and hold before it takes off. We expect to see 0030 or better in the days and weeks ahead. With a decent low float the upside for CNUV is huge. On the actual Reverse Merger news we can expect to see the share price hit as high as 01 or better.

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MMTE (Mammoth Energy) 0013 cents
Currently MMTE offers affordable cheap prices for much higher gains down the road. With Energy prices soaring and with inflation rising MMTE makes for a great ideal investment. As the population is rising Lithium will be a crucial player in the world in which even cars will benefit. With demand profits are increased and expectations are met. This is where MMTE comes into play and will reap massive profits from mining Lithium that will supply power to the world. We are very strong behind MMTE and expect to see further gains for the remainder of 2011 and beyond.

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