Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Penny Stock Geeks

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CWRN-Next Stop 01 cent?

CWRN (Cotton & Western Mining) 0085 cents- CWRN Hit an intraday high of 0090 cents which is about 2,800% from our 0003 cent alert! CWRN is about to hit the 01+ target which we had called back in November and that could happen as early as tomorrow.

CNUV-Reverse Merger?

CNUV (China Nuvo Solar Energy) 0014 cents- CNUV hit an intraday high of 0025 cents before closing down at 0014 cents on heavy bidwhacking. We believe the bid whacking serves a purpose as someone or a large group is looking to accumulate shares a cheap entry for a much higher run. The company released some great news yesterday on plans to restructure their debts and increase shareholder value by way of possible Reverse Merger. Based on our extensive due diligence on CNUV we believe CNUV is an extremely undervalued Penny stock that could make some big moves in the comming weeks ahead.

MTIZ (Metiscan Inc) 0013 cents- MTIZ yesterday hit and closed at the highs of 0013 cent. The the stock shot up some 70% from its recent lows and the potential of MTIZ moving up further to 0015-0020 cents is a distinct possibility.

SSBN (Sunset Brands) 0018 cents- SSBN a great stock that will surely surprise many in the weeks ahead this year.

WTCT(Watchit Technologies) 0009 cents -WTCT should trade much higher as oil prices continue to surge at an all time high this year. Oil demand will continue to grow steadfast and WTCT will surely follow. These prices offer an extreme bargain with the potential this hot oil stock has.

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