Saturday, January 8, 2011

Penny Stock Geeks

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PennyStockGeeks Weekend Update: CWRN Posts 2,400% Gains!, CNUV 70% & Going, CYCA 33.33% & Going.

CWRN (Cotton & Western Mining Mining) 0067 cents
CWRN Hit 2,400% Gains from our 0003 cents to Gold Membership Subscribers. On Friday CWRN Hit an Intraday high of 0072 cents and closed at a modest 0067 cents. We believe CWRN will reach the 01+ Target mark soon just as we predicted back in November of last year.

CNUV (China Nuvo Solar Energy) 0024 cents:
CNUV was alerted at 0015 and 0016 cents to our Gold Membership Subscribers. The stock just 2 days later ran to 0025 cents posting roughly 70% in gains and we believe this is just the beginning. The company is currently seeking acquisition and a potential reverse merger. This stock will surprise many in the weeks to come. For those of you who don't know Green Energy Stocks especially those that are Chinese have an incredible lust for many penny stock investors and have a tendency to really explode. We feel CNUV is just getting started and monday morning could be the last time to buy under 0030 cents before CNUV heads for 01 cents or higher.

CYCA (Cytta Corp) 0012 cents
Cytta was alerted to our Gold Membership subscribers  at 0009 cents yesterday. The stock then took off 33.33% to close up at a healthy 0012 cents. Keep CYCA in your portfolio as these prices offer a great opportunity due to the company's filings which are expected to be out by end of next week which should cause major interest and a much higher share price above 0020 cents. 

PRMO (Prom Resources Inc) 0003 cents
This hot extremely undervalued gold stock traded well yesterday hitting & closing at 0003 cents. Although PRMO has a high share count the potential for this stock on the return of your investment could be 1,000% or higher. This is what makes penny stocks fun as they can be quite lucrative and with PRMO being a Gold mining stock we see some very strong potential this year as Gold prices are expected to surge to much higher levels than ever before.

That is all for today. Enjoy your weekend folks & don't forget to take advantage and maximize your profits. Subscribe today as a Gold Member for just $29.99 a month by visiting our website at today to ensure you don't miss out on our explosive picks & alerts.

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