Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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 Tues, Jan 25th, 2011-WTCT, CSCE ,CGFIA

WTCT-Oil Prices are Soaring. How Far will it go? 700% In Gains From Our Alert And keeps Going and Going!

WTCT (Watchit Technologies) 0065 cents
This Hot Oil Energy play meets our expectations today soaring like a rocket to the tune of 0074 cents high bringing 700%+ Gains since our Alert several weeks ago. This is what trading penny stocks is all about finding and holding onto undervalued penny stocks that are poised to explode. The good part of WTCT is that it is not done yet by a far mile. We believe 01+ cents is in store quite possibly before the end of the week. For those who were in doubt next time make sure to keep a close eye on us as we bring you more profitable winners.

CSCE (Cascade Energy) 0095 cents
CSCE hit an intraday high of 0140 cents bringing 400%+ in gains from our alert last December. For those that listened and were patient enough just $500 Dollars from our Alert would have made you $3,000 Dollars in profits today.

CGFIA (Colorado Goldfields) 0095 cents
After announcing an update that 0009-0010 offered very cheap entry points for big rewards later from our announcement yesterday the stock today surprised many after shooting up 955%+ from our Alert to close at an astonishing 0095 cents. CGFIA could have been fat fingered by someone who missed a digit but after today's action could tomorrow could be another day full of more surprises? 

MMTE (Mammoth Energy) 0011 cents
This Hot lithium mining play is just getting all steamed up and ready to run. This stock reminds us of CWRN which was our 6,000%+ winner from 0003 to 02+ cents and still going. MMTE was at its lows at 0004 cents early january and today hit an intraday high of 0012 cents bringing about 44% in gains from our Alert. We have a longer term view on MMTE and are confident the stock should bring much more gains later this year as the company progresses and announces more news shortly.

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