Saturday, January 15, 2011

Penny Stock Geeks

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Weekend Update: CWRN 6,000% Gains for Subscribers!!!
WTCT 140%, CNUV 70%, OMHI 133%, UNVC 60%, PRMO 100%.

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WTCT (Watchit Technologies) 0013 Cents-Will Oil Prices Keep Surging?

WTCT .0006 -0016 - This Hot Energy stock has gone well above 140% in gains from our 0006 cent alert. WTCT has slowly churned and has shown it's share structure can take this a lot higher. Just as we predicted WTCT looks more and more likely to follow the Energy Sector. With surging oil prices it looks as if WTCT has finally caught up and from the looks of today's trading action this could just be an open door for much more gains yet to come.

CNUV .0014 - 0025 -This Hot Chinese Green Energy stock moved up an easy 60% from our Alert. CNUV is still not done and keeps trading in decent ranges. Acquisition news and/ or Reverse merger news yet to come which should cause some explosive gains from current levels.

CWRN -Our Hottest Penny Stock Of The Year?

CWRN .0003-.02 6000% - What an amazing run and this will be a stock that will be traded heavily this year. CWRN perhaps our best pick ever gaining our subscribers explosive gains of 6,000%. What more can our members ask for?

SSBN .0014 -.0025 -This stock has soared 60% and has traded well over the past few weeks. Big news should propel this stock much further.

TSNP .0002 - .0003 -This hot triple zero stock has about 50% of its float locked in our opinion. This is quite a low float for a triple zero stock. Triple zero stocks can provide explosive profit potentials for penny stock investors and this is what makes penny stocks fun to trade. Seeing CWRN go from our 0003 cent  Alert to 02+ cents we won't be surprised to see TSNP go 500- 1000% from these levels in the comming weeks and/or months ahead.

PRMO .0002-.0004 -An Impressive and easy 100% in Gains. This stock reminds us a lot of CWRN. This hot mining stock will surprise many. This company has real revenue's and  in the hottest sector precious metals , patience pays as you see with our CWRN 6000% gainer Alert.

UNVC- Set For Take-Off?

UNVC .0010 - 0016 - UNVC shot up 60% from our Alert yesterday. Friday's alert feels similar to the way our picks run however based on the trading action on UNVC it seems like it never just fell flat like some newsletters.Our investors along with our picks will make our members money. There is more room for these picks to go; the share structure can take this far, rumored 31 million float should make this stock head much higher over the comming days/ weeks ahead. This traded quite easily with no market makers in the way.


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