Thursday, January 27, 2011

Penny Stock Geeks

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 Thurs, Jan 27th 2011-CWRN, MMTE,WNWG,DNNC
CWRN 8,500%+ Gains from our 0003 Alert-Our Hottest Stock pick Ever?

 We Alerted CWRN @ 0003 cents Oct 2010 & On Jan 27th, CWRN reaches 8,500%+

CWRN (Cotton & Western Mining) 0272 cents
Cotton and Western Mining has been on a steady run since when we first alerted it to our subscribers at 0003 cents. If you had been a Penny Stock Geeks Subscriber you would have had a chance to make explosive profits into hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars today as CWRN keeps soaring and soaring. If you had invested just $3,000 Dollars at 0003 cent and sold at todays high of 0.0280 cents that would net you explosive profits of $277,000 Dollars after subtracting the initial $3,000 Dollar invested.  This is the advantage of being a Penny Stock Geeks Subscriber and being ahead of the crowd and getting a chance to profit BIG! 



MMTE (Mammoth Energy) 0018 cents
Today MMTE shot up to 0022 cents bringing 180% in Gains from our 0008 cent Alert. We are confident MMTE will head much much higher in the days and weeks ahead. Nows the time to grab a piece of this pie and taste the profits later.


WNWG (WentWorth Energy 0012 cents
After we had Alerted WTCT at 0006 bringing 700% Gains to our Subscribers at 0074 cents we are now loving WNWG which is starting to garner interest. We expect WNWG to post profits of 100-200% from these levels as Energy prices continue to surge. 


DNNC (Donini Inc) 0013 cents
DNNC hit an intraday high of 0017 cents bringing Total gains of 110% from our 0008 cent Alert. There are much more gains yet to come for DNNC and these prices make for a great entry opportunity.

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