Thursday, January 13, 2011

Penny Stock Geeks

Welcome to PennyStockGeeks. We work hard to find you extremely undervalued pennystocks poised for explosive gains of 100%, 200% to 1,000% and more! Subscribe For The Hottest PennyStock alerts @ and get in first for just $29.99 a month.
Thurs, Update: CWRN 6,000% Gains for Subscribers!!!


CWRN (Cotton & Western Mining Inc) 0.0207 cents
CWRN Hits 6,000% in Gains for Penny Stock Geeks Subscribers on Wednesday. After this huge multi-day surge we expect the PPS to pullback and consolidate before any further move can be established. CWRN could be trading much higher over the comming weeks and months ahead.

CNUV (China Nuvo Solar Energy) 0022 cents
This Hot Chinese Energy Stock is had its 8K filed yesterday bringing in some modest volume well above 10 Million. It appears accumulation is taking place and this stock is just itching to breakout. More big news is expected to be out over the next several weeks.


WTCT( Watchit Technologies) 0010 cents
Watchit Technologies now up 42.86% from our alert at 0007 cents. WTCT looks to have those much needed legs afterall and we believe this is just the begging of much higher gains yet to come. With the Energy sector being hot WTCT is now primed for an explosive move.

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