Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Penny Stock Geeks

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WTCT (Watchit Technologies) 0018 cents
What an impressive run Hitting roughly 220%  from our 0006 cent Alert. The charts show this stock may just be getting ready to EXPLODE the next few days and weeks ahead.Further gains of 200-400% from here look likely in the weeks ahead as Oil prices continue to surge dramatically worldwide.

DNNC (Donini Inc) 0015 cents
This Hot Canadian Pizza Chain food sector stock caught our eye as it hit 0015 cent today. After doing our due diligence on this company and watching today's impressive action we feel this stock has a lot going for it and the run is just getting started. We would not be surprised to see this stock hit 0050 or higher over the next few weeks or months ahead. With having one of our very own Research Analyst from Toronto Canada having visited and tasted this company's Sizzling Hot Pizza he could only say that we may have just stumbled upon another undervalued gem.

CNUV (China Nuvo Solar Energy) 0021 cents
This Hot Chinese Energy play looks to be in sleeping mode and slowly and quietly is being accumulated. Someone or group has been bid whacking to grab shares on the cheap in anticipation of the Reverse Merger or Acquisition news which could be just a few weeks or a month away. These ranges provide for a great buying and entry opportunity to accumulate before the big run which has us all excited about.

BGOI (Bonanza Oil & Gas) 0013 cents
Bonanza Oil and Gas is an extremely undervalued and exciting Oil play that makes for a great trade idea. With Oil prices surging this Hot stock could see returns of 200-500% from these levels in the weeks ahead.

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