Saturday, January 22, 2011

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Chart Of The Month? CCTR 0019 cents- How High Will it Reach? 

This stock having once been heavily promoted has been on a downward spiral since september of last year. Many investors were holding and hoping for a bounce to recover their losses. It seems as of recently the company has finally been working on improving things as the share prices suggests otherwise. Friday's uptrend shows something is happening and we are confident buying now can pay off big in the very near future.

WTCT-Our latest winning pick. Hot Oil/ Energy Stock keeps Going and Going!

Hottest Sizzling Oil/ Energy Play Hits 0038 cents bringing  400% Gains For our Subscribers On Thursday!

WTCT (Watchit Technologies) 0006 to 0038= 400% GAINS

WTCT (Watchit Technologies) 0029 cents
We alerted our members when this stock was in the 0006 cent range several weeks earlier. WTCT was slowly churning its way up and those who didn't believe missed out on a tremendous opportunity to rake in 400% in gains. WTCT is a great company with a great technology. Look for more gains to come as oil prices continue to surge.

DNNC (Donini Inc) 0010 cents

DNNC (Donini Inc) 0010 cents
This company is in an exciting and extremely hot food sector and makes something which we all love; Pizza. Based in Toronto, Canada their pizza is just delicious. Can this hot stock bring us something tasty to talk about? Not known to everyone DNNC has slowly been in accumulation and profit taking mode this week as the stock shot up from triple zero's to 0015 cents before closing down at 0010 on low volume at the end of the week. More news and updates are expected from the company over the comming weeks/ months ahead. We believe now is a great time to stock up on shares as we expect the stock price to surge much higher to 0030-0050 cents as early as March 2011 of this year.

TLAG (Total Apparel Group) 0004 cents
TLAG has been getting decent buying volume the past week and we believe these prices make for a great entry. TLAG is an extremely undervalued clothing company which should bring some big gains in the near future.

ALTO (Alto Group Holdings) 0165 cents
This undervalued Gold stock is getting some much awaited buzz after dropping from its 033 cents high. This is a great time to buy and accumulate on this hot undervalued Gold stock before it runs. Near term target price is 03 cents and with the expected gold price surge later this year we expect ALTO to surpass that mark.

MMTE (Mammoth Energy Group) 0009 cents
Mammoth Energy has been slowly churning its way upwards and from what we have seen it may be closer to breaking out over the course of the weeks ahead. This is a great lithium mining company which is currently at very low pps levels that make for a great buying opportunity. Buying at these prices can make for a great return on investment. With Energy prices surging holding these hot undervalued Energy penny stocks can be quite lucrative.

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