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PennyStockGeeks Update- Monday Nov 29th, 2010

Monday's Alert Is Sizzling Hot and has Reverse Merger & Short Squeeze written all over it.

It Has A Low Float & Moves Easily Like The Wind.

How would you like to get in on a Hot Play before the Masses?

How Would You Feel If the Reverse Merger Take Over of A Shell Turned out to be a Multi Million Dollar Gold company, IT Firm or perhaps A Big Financial Company?

We All Ask Ourselves What If? But What If Is Right In Front Of You?

What If It All Starts From Tomorrow? We May Not Be Able To Answer All Your What If Questions.

But Here Is What We Can Tell You.

It has the potential of 2,000% or more in Gains On A Reverse Merger Take Over.

And Our Next Sizzling Red Hot Alert Is..............


CSCE Is a SHELL Reverse Merger Take Over play. On Friday the stock suddenly started moving from 0014 cents to 0070 cents as some investors stumbled upon this rare opportunity type of play. The current Bid is 0026 and the Ask is 0030. On Friday the US Stock Exchange was closed at 1PM EST and CSCE Held it's gains and closed up at a modest 0030 cents.

After doing some extensive research on this SHELL company we decided that this was a very good Alert which we wanted to share with everyone on the PennyStockGeeks team. Remember whenever you have a Reverse Merger along with a Huge Short Squeeze on a stock, it provides investors to reap tremendous profit potential. For some of you if you had recalled CIND which ran from sub penny all
the way to a near .12 cents on a speculative Reverse Merger it shows that CSCE is one stock you do not want to miss out. The float for CSCE is very low and it moves easily. Today the stock closed up at a healthy 0036 cents up 20% after reaching a high of 0055 cents.

Below is the information on the court filing from Clark County Court Records.

Court Date: 12/6/2010

Case No. A-10-628558-P

Other Cascade Energy Inc

Petitioner Equity Resolution Inc
Peter L. Chasey <---------------------Same Lawyer for MinaMar.


Events & Orders of the Court OTHER EVENTS AND HEARINGS
11/01/2010 Complaint
Application for Appointment of Custodian

11/03/2010 Certificate of Service
Certificate of Service

11/03/2010 Initial Appearance Fee Disclosure
Initial Appearance Fee Disclosure

12/06/2010 Motion for Appointment (3:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Vega, Valorie)
Application for Appointment of Custodian

Financial Information

Petitioner Equity Resolution Inc
Total Financial Assessment 270.00
Total Payments and Credits 270.00
Balance Due as of 11/26/2010 0.00

11/03/2010 Transaction Assessment 270.00
11/03/2010 Wiznet Receipt # 2010-59022-CCCLK Equity Resolution Inc (270.00)

From the above Court filing we can be certain the Court date is December 6th, 2010 just one week away. We want our members to get in first; so remember since this is a low float play we all need to buy at the ask as this stock can quickly run over 01 cents and with the pending Reverse Merger & Short Squeeze factored in we expect CSCE to make our members explosive gains.

In the filing we also see "Equity Resolution Inc" which appears to be the TakeOver company who will take over the shell. Reinstatement with Neveda SOS and LOI into a new company could possibly go into effect the same week as the court date and below we will explain why.

From what we know of MinaMar.Minamar (Shareholder Advocates, Inc) is out nowadays taking over a number of Neveda Shells roughly about 2 or 3 a month. A total of 25 Shells have been taken over by MinaMar from what we have calculated since 2009 when tha Shell TakeOver Craze started but Now MinaMar Mostly takes over Shells for "inventory" meaning they dont LOI them right away. In this case
this is the first time we have come across "Equity Resolution Inc" Takeover Reverse Merger play.

We believe CSCE did not plan to take over the CSCE Shell for Inventory purposes; they did it for a specific purpose which we will all find about on December 7th or earlier. It is quite possible that the new company could be a Gold Mining or some other "hot' company since many companies are following whats " Hot" during
these tough economic times and this brings alot of the much needed investors awareness into a company's stock and causes its share price to skyrocket.

So to summarize everything this CSCE Shell is ready to go for Reverse Merger Takeover on Dec 6th , 2010 or after. Reinstatement and LOI will be on its way to follow shortly after the court case from our understanding. So this proves this is a real company looking to Takeover and bring a new vision and new values to the

CWRN( Cotton & Western Mining) 0029 Cents

Here's a nice post I put together from all of the photos and Due Diligence available on the project as of today. If someone does not buy CWRN after reading this post, they have to be blind. You can provide a link to this if you wish.
Due Diligence Timeline for CWRN Baja Project 2010

In July 2010, CWRN announces that in the course of pre-production activities at Baja mining site, addition $100M worth of iron ore deposits are discovered, as stated in the recent news release. This number was merely added to already significant deposits currently owned by CWRN. For more insight on the potential scale of CWRN production in years to come please be sure to read ahead.

In September, first independent pictures of the mining site appear, in this post. We saw a high-resolution picture with a couple of pieces of equipment visible on it as well as a Google Earth pinpointed location of the mining site.

In the next set of surfaced images, the office site on the production site gate was now visible. The sign represents PanAm Mineral Ventures, 100% owned subsidiary of CWRN. The relationship between the two companies is explained in legal terms in this PR. Why doesn't the sign have CWRN on it? This is why in my opinion.

More pictures of the initial production stages are provided by the company a couple of days later in the monthly newsletter, and are posted here.

In October, user madflight posts an article that partially talks about CWRN, and contains some independent pictures as well, the article can be found here it is interpreted in this post and some clarification is available right here.

It was in the same month that some fantastic pictures showing millions of dollars worth of new equipment are provided by the company, and are posted right here.

At this time CWRN mentions in this PR, that custom-designed magnetic separator is now being built under rush order by Valley Equipment of Oregon. iHub user confirmations of this contract were soon posted at various locations.

In November, some concerns about the quality of roads around the production site, and lack of proper drilling are voiced by certain members of the board. These concerns were rapidly rebutted in these two posts respectively: great roads &what appears to look like drilling to me.

Meanwhile, even more heavy equipment arrives to the mining site.

Those members who up until this moment hadn't seen Bob, now got a chance to witness him wearing his perfectly yellow hard-hat in the pictures confirming the start of the full blown production as promised.

Additional pictures show lots and lots of equipment that is now at work.

Tons of crushed iron ore are seen on site mere days after the start of full-blown production on Nov. 5th.

More trucks can now also be seen.

The most recent pictures of the production site show even more workers and equipment at work.

To address some of the recent concerns about the port of Ensenada, user pesquero provided some of the his own images taken on Nov 25th, 2010 showing the port being dredged. His recent post also provides an excellent insight on the current CWRN's project situation from the standpoint of someone who lives and works in close proximity to the production site as well as has some actual mining industry expertise.

Logical reasons as to why R/S is not in the company's interest are elaborated upon in this post.
Finally, earlier this month I had utilized some commonly-used algebra to arrive at reasonably fair value of CWRN in year 2011 based all we know so far. My calculations resulted in PPS of  a potential 36 cents if the worst case scenario is considered, and B.O.D. approved share buyback and retirement are completely disregarded. Otherwise, I truly believe that CWRN has potential to be a $1 stock by the end of year 2011.

Waiting for more exciting updates in the weeks and months to come..

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