Friday, November 5, 2010

Penny Stock Geeks

PennyStockGeeks Update- Friday, Nov 5th, 2010
Today was indeed an exciting day as the overall markets were all green. The time has now come where alot of foreign investors will want to purchase pennystocks due to deflated US Dollar value. Some of the stocks i'd like to talk about tonight briefly. PCFG, SGCP, UWRL, PRPM, STAU

Precious Metals Likely To Rise Next Week On Fed Boost 

What does this mean? It means investors should be buying and holding Gold stocks. A Huge Gold Bull Rush is about to occur and many investors will be jumping worldwide to get in so do you have yours?

PCFG(Pacific Gold Corp) 0.058 cents 
 Pacific Gold Corp is certainly a very hot investment for many investors. Yesterday alone there was over $1 million dollars in moneyflow in PCFG. With Gold prices soaring and almost hitting $1,400 today PCFG is definetly one stock you'd want to be in. To my Free subscribers if you had listened to alert in september or even on sunday night you would be raking in tremendous profits. I hope you all are making money on this stock, if not there are others like SGCP( Sierra Gold Corp) and a few others that I may be announcing possibly as early as next week if I feel they are quality picks with potential to make big gains.

SGCP(Sierra Gold Corp) 0016                             
SGCP-Today Sierra Gold Corp did exactly what I thought it would. Last night I advised everyone now would be a great time to accumulate at these levels and today we had several opportunities to buy on the dip at 0015 which seems to be the new support bottom. SGCP has yet still to run and when it does I will definetly like to receive emails from you guys saying how you have made so much money from my alerts.

UWRL(United Wireless Online) 0013. Today was a see saw type of trading day for UWRL. We hit 0014 and closed the day at 0013. UWRL does seem to be building a stronger support base at these levels. I expect UWRL to surprise everyone when the C/E removal and Mergers are announced.

PRPM(Protek Capital Inc) 0009- Protek Capital is looking solid and held its 0009 support even with low volume. I feel these ranges are also a great time to accumulate for the upcomming Merger to be announced possibly as early as this month based on the September news release.

STAU(Star Nutrition Inc) 0003-STAU dropped 25% to close at 0003. This company is one of my favourite pennystocks and ran over 150% the last time I alerted this stock. I think with time STAU will go where it should be based on its value and that shoud propel the PPS to incredible gains for my free subscribers.

I will be having some exciting Alerts this sunday night so have a great weekend and stay tuned. Be sure to subscribe for Free if you haven't done so already @ today!


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