Sunday, November 21, 2010

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PennyStockGeeks Weekend Update- Sunday, November 21st, 2010

CWRN(Cotton & Western Mining) 0024 cents
This stock was the hottest and highest gainer this week since our original alert to everyone on the pennystockgeeks team. We first alerted it at 0008 and it ran over 500% to 0063 before pulling back multiple times only to shoot right back up. There are a number of bashers and Market Makers who are working together  to scare investors to buy cheap shares and sell on the top. CWRN is having their Board Of Directors Meeting today and many of us are excited for Monday as thats when news of the 60% share buyback will most likely be announced.

TRDY(Trudy Corporation) 0173 Cents
TRDY has been perhaps the most stable alert we have announced in the past few weeks. Yesterday TRDY hit over 022 cents for total gains of over 280% from our original alert. TRDY charts are showing strong accumulation and we would not be surprised to see 05 cents next week without any news or filings. When supposedly 10Q, 8K etc comes out we believe TRDY will make many pennystockgeeks members extremely wealthy.

DTSL(Delivery Technology Solutions) 0010 Cents
This stock was first alerted at 0008 and ran to a high of 0015 yesterday and a high of 0014 a few days earlier that is an easy 80% profit margin right there. I have heard that some members were not happy with this alert. If you had traded smart you would have gained an easy 80% profit. Some things to keep in mind with pennystocks is you can't always expect 1,000 percent gains. Always remember to lock in at least some of your original investment. We still believe DTSL should run further as soon as next week when the Market Makers let go and let it run.

STAU(Star Nutrition Inc) 0009 Cents
We have been calling this stock months ago and it ran over 150% the very first time we alerted it. When STAU dropped hard to 0002-0003 Levels we told everyone to accumulate. Now it appears a massive run is comming and we don't yet want to spread the word outside just yet. So accumulate while you can as we expect a massive breakout to occur in the next few weeks or at the very least by Xmas.

PRPM(Protek Capital) 0008 Cents
PRPM has recently been updated on pinksheets to current reporting. We also found that "Big Apple" is now out of the picture which is indeed great news. For those that do not know who " Big Apple" is; it is the IR Firm which was doing IR services for PRPM and they have not been successful in their service for PRPM to date. Protek Capital; after the name change it looks like this company has been keeping its promises and doing exactly everything they promised they would. First the name change, CUSIP change and finally the dividend to name a few. The last and most anticipated work required is the finalization of the Merger with the US IT Consulting Firm. We believe the long wait on the Merger news will finally pay off for PRPM investors perhaps in the next few weeks or by the end of the year.

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