Wednesday, November 3, 2010

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PennyStockGeeks Update- Wed, Nov 3rd, 2010
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PennyStockGeeks Update- Wed, Nov 3rd, 2010
Dear PennyStockGeeks readers,
Today the overall markets were down early in the morning but appeared to have recovered most of its gains by the end of the day. The downfall for most stocks were mainly due to QE2 in the US by the Feds. Some of the alerts and picks I'd like to update you about tonight.

PCFG( Pacific Gold Corp) 0.035 cents

Today PCFG had opened the day with a decent opening however it fell back to a low of 0.0325 cent before recovering some of its gains and closed the session at 0.0350 cents. I must say PCFG is indeed a very solid Gold Pennystock play and expect the pps to dramatically increase in the comming days and/ or weeks ahead.

SGCP( Sierra Gold Corp) 0019 cents
Sierra Gold Corp had a nice trading day today with the stock reaching a high of 0025 before closing the day at 0019. I expect SGCP to produce some incredible gains for my free subscribers when the next company news is released which is expected this month.

UWRL( United Wireless Online) 0013 cents
Finally UWRL is attempting to make its biggest move perhaps in the history of its birth. Some very important Due Diligence i'd like to bring up with you all tonight on why UWRL could be one of the most talked about pennystock for the year if all goes as planned by the company.

-UWRL Authorized Shares as of Sep. 15, 2010 is 2,000,000,000

-Outstanding Shares as of Sep. 15, 2010 is 1,993,705,675

-Restricted Shares as of Sep. 15, 2010 is 767,598,037

-Float is 1,226,107,638

- UWRL has confirmed that CE removal will be soon according to minamar marketing and the CE removal will be right before the 4 way Mega merger's and PR campaigns.

- In today's trading session UWRL broke the 50 day and 20 day moving average

-UWRL accumulation and distribution levels are at an all time high and GOIG HTDS and SKGO also had a high accumulation and distribution level right before they all ran parabolic and left shareholders with massive profits. Based on my findings I believe UWRL is finally ready to reward its patient shareholders.

PRPM( Protek Capital Inc)

PRPM certainly did not have a great day today. Nontheless today was the last day to purchase PRPM shares in order to be eligible to recieve the company's dividend. If any of you have had listened to me when the stock was at 0007 there were plenty of times to trade and make money on this stock and buy back on the pull back. Going forward, PRPM will be announcing an exciting Merger news anyday now so keep your eyes open and reap some tremendous profits.

STAU( Star Nutrition Inc)

With a decent close of 0004 and PENA on the bid at 0001 and on the ask at $1 dollar I feel these market makers will let STAU run sooner or later. As I always advise, I like my free subscribers to purchase my alerts and picks at the bottom and not while they run at the top. If any of you are looking for an extremely undervalued pennystock play at a bargain price STAU is one you may want to consider

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