Saturday, November 27, 2010

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PennyStockGeeks Weekend Update- Saturday November 27th, 2010

DTSL( Delivery Technology Solutions) 0006 cents 

DTSL- It looks like that major bounce we predicted was spot on. DTSL hit a bottom of 0004 cents during friday's trading session and ended closing the day at 0006 cents. We have our target on DTSL set to 0015-0020 cents near short term. We are expecting more buying and more news to follow.  

CWRN( Cotton & Western Mining) 0022 cents - CWRN hit a high of 0038 cents before closing the day down hard at 0022 cents. It appears Market Makers have shorted the stock back down. We are expecting a major bounce back soon. There is some great things about CWRN which we will be posting on the PennyStockGeeks Blog this weekend. CWRN is an extremely undervalued pennystock and we feel it will hit 01 cents possibly by December 31st, 2010.

UWRL(United Wireless Online) 0010 cents

UWRL has been trading sideways for awhile now as we await the CE removal and Mega Merger announcements. UWRL will submit the Adequate Disclosure documents in 1-3 weeks according to Mina Mar. They made the same promise with another stock and they followed up on that promise. Once these documents are submitted then pinksheets will remove the CE from UWRL within a short period of time.

The chart for UWRL is looking impressive. Accumulation continues to increase & we expect a spike in the share price possibly soon. 


STAU(Star Nutriton Inc) 0011 cents - STAU has been an extremely impressive stock to date. Our members already have banked big when we first alerted in the 0006 & 0007 ranges over 1 month ago and it ran to 0018 cents for total gains of over 150%! STAU has since then tanked to 0002 ranges and we told everyone to accumulate. The stock price now is at 0011 cents and the ask is 0013 cents. We believe STAU will shock many possibly by the end of December as big news is expected to be released. Our Target price on STAU after the 0020 resistance breaks is currently at 0040 to 0050 cents, however with the right type of news and momo we can expect to see 01 cents or more. 


MXGD( Midex Gold Corp) 0018 cents - MXGD hit a high of 0022 on Friday before closing the session down at 0018 cents. We are still strong on MXGD and feel the run to 01 cent is imminent in the near future.

That is all for the weekend folks. Stay Tuned for our Sunday Night Hot Alert which will be out tomorrow night. Tomorrow's Alert is poised for 500% to 1000% Gains in just 1 or 2 days!



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