Saturday, December 4, 2010

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Weekend Update: PRMO, WMNS, CSCE, STAU, PRPM

PRMO (Prom Resources Inc) This HOT Gold Stock keeps going and going. Could this be our Biggest winner to date after our PCFG 2,000% Gainer Alert?


PRMO(Prom Resources) 0004 cents
SGCP-Sierra Gold Corp
Prom Resources has been on fire throughout the week. With Gold prices being at an all time high this week it appears Gold Fever is back in town. PRMO offered our members a chance to buy at 0001, 0002 & 0003 cents The Hot GOLD stock now sits at 0004 cents;up 100% from our 0002 alert and up 200%+ from our 0001 Alert. We ask everyone how many Gold/ Mining PennyStock companies are actually producing, profiting & having more assets than debt? Only a select few companies are. This is what sets PRMO apart from the others. PRMO is one exremely undervalued Gold mining play that actually mines Gold, Silver & Copper. Having the capability to mine all 3 is extremely lucrative for the company and its shareholders as well.

PRMO's revenue increased $6,172,876 from $3,027.000 for the same period in 2009. Their Net profit increased $2,09,938 from $489,631. The increase in net profit is primary attribute to the increase an activity and the increase of Gold.
Assets of $18, 334,511 and liability $7,789,631. The most interesting part is PRMO's asset is much bigger then their debt. Something very rare to find in the PennyStock market and something that brings more valuation to the
stock and this is what sets PRMO apart from the others.
PRMO should provide members with exceptional returns.We could see 0010 cents by mid week Wednesday. We would not be surprised to see PRMO soar to 0050 cent in the next few weeks because with Gold Fever & High Gold prices PRMO certainly looks to do just that. If you all remember CWRN's Alert which ran from 0003 cent to 0063 cent high before a pullback then the possibilities with PRMO are just endless.

WMNS(Westmont Resources Inc) 0.024 cents -WMNS was alerted yesterday and ran a high of 025 before pulling back and closed the session green at 0.024 cents. As mentioned previously sometimes we will Alert a stock anytime if we feel its worth mentioning. After watching SAEI make an impressive run from 01 cent to over 60 cents we feel WMNS has what it takes to follow that move. With Gold prices being at an all time high this week, WMNS is priming up for a major breakout move once everyone discovers how hot this stock really is. Many folks consider 02 cents too high but the end result will be well worth it when everyone sees this stock over 05 cents soon. The word is slowly getting out as investors scramble to get shares as cheap as possible and it won't be much longer until Westmont breaks out. For a solid and stable Gold Investment for the medium to Long term WMNS is the stock everyone should have in their portfolio. WMNS will be wrtten on the Blog & on twitter tonight as well so expect more buying throughout next week.


CSCE (Cascade Energy) 0035 cents
We alerted CSCE on sunday at 0030 and it ran a high of 0055 the very next day and for those of you who chased it and bought too high CSCE again offered a chance to sell at 0039 yesterday after being bashed down the past few sessions. CSCE has a court date next week monday which certainly could make some members very happy if all pans out well.

STAU (Star Nutrition Inc) 0009 cents
-STAU has made some impressive moves the past 2 weeks after recovering from a major drop a month ago.STAU hit a high of 0016 on the Karma Nutritional news this week. STAU since then has pulled back but recovered yesterday to close at 0009 cents. It looks like the Market makers are once again ready to let STAU run possibly much higher this time. With the Xmas holiday season nearing we are convinced that STAU has some big news and financials ready anyday now. We still stand firm that STAU will surprise many in the weeks to come and these low prices make for a great buying opportunity.

PRPM (Protek Capital) 0005 cents
PRPM has been a forgotten stock up to now and these low bargain prices make for a cheap entry. If you look at the chart PRPM always bounces back to 0009 cents from these lows. With the acquisition of Acute Systems we expected PRPM to go at least 200% but the stock failed to push past 0009 cents. We believe this is in part due to the slow market since it is tax season afterall. PRPM could bounce back next week and we could see 0010 break possibly some time next week. Not everyone is aware of the acquisition news so once the news is fully absorbed we expect PRPM to possibly come back to life.


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