Monday, November 15, 2010

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PennyStockGeeks Update-Monday Nov 15th, 2010-CWRN(Cotton & Western Mining) Up 500% 

Our Recent Alerts CWRN( Cotton & Western Mining) & TRDY( Trudy Corporation) just keeps going and going....

CWRN (Cotton & Western Mining) 0044 Cents
It was an exciting day for PennyStockGeeks team members. We first Alerted you this stock when it was @ 0007-0008 range last week.The stock is now up over 500% from our Alert and is looking to go much much more. With the Board of directors meeting this weekend to retire possibly 1 Billion in shares expect this stock to make some explosions and many PennyStockGeeks members happy and of course wealthy. We Believe CWRN is well on its way to 05 Cents near term and possibly much more in the weeks and/or months ahead.

TRDY( Trudy Corporation)
  0124 Cents
We alerted you this stock when it was at the 0085 cent range. The stock today hit a high of 013+  and is itching to make its move much much higher.  

STAU( Star Nutrition Inc) 0005 Cents

The last time we alerted this stock at 0007 it ran all the way to 0018 cents. The stock took quite a beating and today showed some impressive moves and it does look likely we should see a much higher PPS as time goes by.




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