Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Penny Stock Geeks

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Tuesday's Watchlist- AWYI, MGRN

AWYI (Ariel Way) .0008 cents- Keep AWYI on high alert for a possible breakout. The buzz is growing once again which could bring gains of 100% or better this week. 

MGRN (MGRN (Monogram Energy) .0005 cents-We expect MGRN to hit the .0010 cents target mark or better this week as the middle east crisis continues to go on causing Oil stocks to surge at an incredible rate. We noticed that a quarterly report has not been filed since FEB.2009 and recently on the date of FEB.8.2011 they just released a quartly report followed by a press release exactly one day after. This is the first sign that a company has changed directions on a positive note and is looking to becoming a major player in the Oil industry. We also noticed that the asset class for the company has become $2,276,505 by looking at the quartly report. All these criteria look very appealing which should bring true valuation to this stock shortly after its discovered by the investment world.

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