Monday, March 28, 2011

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 Monday 's Watchlist- MGRN, SLRW, CNUV

MGRN- Ever since our initial alert at .0004 cents the stock has surged to an intraday high just weeks ago to hit .0015 cents bringing in over 200% gains since our initial alert. The stock since then has retraced back to .0005 cents last week only to close the session back up at .0006 cents on friday. Now we all ask ourselves what exactly is happening behind the scene for MGRN? Over the course of the past week and this weekend we have been digging further and have found some interesting news which could have a tremendous impact on investor interest and valuation for the company. We had or we still have some Correlation between MGRN and CWRN.  
  • The ex CEO of MGRN> was/is the attorney for CWRN
  • Both companies had the same address
  • MGRN - Monogram Energy, Inc-This is a Pennsylvania Business Entity which recently changed its name to Marquis Tech Holdings, Inc and changed CEO's to Saratu Phillips in January of 2011.
  • The former CEO of the CO), Billy King, is/was the attorney for Bob Cotton of CWRN - Cotton & Western Mining.

  • One very importat fact is, we know BBC Finance inc filed a sec 144 filing just days ago some days ago.

  • Now we ask ourselves who is BBC finance? And why are they able to file a sec 144 filing?Is that In our opinion it looks to be the same company. If you take a look at the companies home page you can see they seem to be just the perfect fit for MGRN and also start their GOLD production. Based on our findings we believe we have an undiscovered gem that has yet to see its true potential. The last time we stumbled upon one of the most talked about undiscovered gem at .0004 cents we knew what we had found was a diamond in the rough that surged from our .0004 cents alert to a high .029 cents boosting a staggering 8,700% gains for our members.

SLRW- We alerted this stock initially at .0008 and .0009 cents and it had bought investors gains as high as 120% hitting .0017 cents several times this week. Since then on friday we saw a massive reversal which seemed to be the cause of heavy bid whacking which indicates someone is trying to accumulate extremely cheap shares for an anticipated big run. We expect news to be released shortly and urge investors to keep an eye on this stock. Today could very well indicate a positive reversal which should bring back renewed investor interest. Locking up shares today could have some nice payoffs of gains up to 300% or more from these levels.

CNUV- We alerted this stock months ago when the stock was at .0012 to .0015 cents to our members. Since then the stock has seen a high of .0060+ cents bringing over 300%+ in gains and has even retraced allowing new investors to accumulate shares in the .0022/ .0023 cents ranges. On friday CNUV has bounced back hitting an intraday high of .0038 cents and closed the session still up at .0035 cents. Acquisition and Reverse Merger news is pending which should bring explosive gains for investors. This is one of our favourite medium term stock that may be just weeks away from finalized acquisition news and reverse merger news. The acquisition with FREYA one of the leading companies in the battery/ energy industry is one that looks to have a very positive impact on the stocks share price. The bottom line is grab your shares now while they are cheap and hold for much higher gains in the days and/ or weeks ahead.


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