Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Penny Stock Geeks

Welcome to PennyStockGeeks. We work hard to find you extremely undervalued pennystocks poised for explosive gains and no we are not just talking about 100% and 200% but 1,000% and more!

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MTIZ(Metiscan Inc) 0009 cents
MTIZ was alerted at 0009 cents sunday night and hit a high of 0014 cents yesterday which is just over 50% from our alert. This makes us smile knowing our members are making money. Near the end of the session we did see some bid whacking which caused the pps to go down and close at 0012 cents yesterday. Today MTIZ closed the session at 0009 cents. We believe this makes a great entry position for potential explosive returns from these low levels. If any investors had seen IMGG run from pennies to $1 dollar then you can truly see the potential MTIZ has right here.

PRMO(Prom Resources Inc) 0001 cents- Most undervalued Gold Play?

PRMO did not get its full attention today the way it should have. This stock reminds us of CWRN which was alerted to our previous elite members at 0003 cents and ran to 0063 cents before pulling back. PRMO management looks to be on track with the orderly financial and Q1 filings. The next big step is to release a big PR which we believe will come sometime in the near future. The past few sessions shows massive shorting on this Hot Gold stock and we believe it is just a matter of time before this stock starts to get more attention and breaks 0003 cents again.

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