Saturday, December 18, 2010

Penny Stock Geeks

Welcome to PennyStockGeeks. We work hard to find you extremely undervalued pennystocks poised for explosive gains and no we are not just talking about 100% and 200% but 1,000% and more!

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PennyStockGeeks Free membership service will end Dec 31st, 2010. From Jan 1st, 2011 we will be offering a gold membership subscription service for all new members of just $29.99 a month. The cost of this service will include first alerts on our hottest picks and alerts, daily updates, gold member twitter membership, answers to questions and much more. Come join us and be part of a strong team of dedicated investors who will show you how to make money in this challenging market.

Anyone who has been with PennyStockGeeks long enough will know the hard work and dedication the PennyStockGeeks board puts in to satisfy its members to the fullest extent. Firstly we would like to remind all members that we give you guys the best chance to buy our PennyStock picks & alerts at the low and offer you plenty of opportunities to sell on profit. Our plays don't just go flat; they trade well with time as well. All of our plays have a reason behind it and is not a pump and dump. Some news letters are simply just paid promotions that scam their buyers by promoting pennystocks and then diluting them down. At PennyStockGeeks we find our own picks and hand pick each play with Due Diligence. This weeks picks bought our members roughly over 130% in gains. Knowing it is the final year of the month and markets being slow this is quite impressive for us.

Sunset Brands Inc was alerted to all members yesterday(Thursday Dec 16th late afternoon. The stock price was in the 0014 cent range and hit 0024 cents friday. SSBN was once trading around 04 cents a few months ago and the charts are screaming for a major breakout.


MTIZ (METISCAN INC) 0007 cents
MTIZ offers an extreme bargain at just 0007 cents. Knowing it is the end of year and investors are selling off. This looks to be a bargain. MTIZ should easily see 200% gains from here in the weeks ahead.

Star Nutrition Inc today hit a high of 0008 cents which was quite pleasing after seeing red the past few sessions. It seems like STAU is one again headed back up and news could possibly be just around the corner that could push the ppsmuch further. How much further one can only guess but it is all dependant on the type of news and investors reaction for the most part. STAU has been one of the longest lasting champions we have alerted as it has offered at least 3 chances to buy in extremely low and sell on good profits of 200% to 300% in gains.

CWRN (Cotton & Western Mining Inc) 0023 cents
CWRN was first alerted to our Elite members back when the stock was in the 0003 cents range and hit a high of 0063 cents several weeks back representing over 500% in gains for our members. The past few sessions CWRN took a severe beating and the stock ran down to 0016 cent range. Today CWRN hit a high of 0025 cents and closed the day green at 0023 cents. Based on CWRN's trading action you can all see for yourself that PennyStockGeeks does keeps its word and almost all the stocks we alert keep trading at decent ranges or above over and over again.

PRMO (Prom Resources Inc) 0001 cents
Prom Resources has not yet had its run and we believe this stock will start to move in the weeks ahead. PRMO could be the next 1,000%+ gainer sometime next year. It looks like investors who were weak may have sold out while the strong hands have accumulated in anticipation of a PR. We are still behind PRMO and are confident that the PPS should rise upwards in the weeks ahead.

CINT (Crystal International Travel Group Inc) 0002 cents
CINT closed the session at 0002 cents on volume just over 2 million shares. A few days ago some would have believed CINT was "dead". Watching CINT for the past few sessions showed the strong possibility of an impending breakout on the verge of occuring yet once again. If 0003 cents were to get hit again we would not be surprised to see 0004/0005 cents hit. We feel it is just a matter of time before investors buy up this stock.

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