Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Penny Stock Geeks

MYEC (MyECheck, Inc) .0068- The Next "LIFE CHANGER"?

MYEC .0068- Here is an extremely undervalued penny stock that could perhaps change the way e-commerce takes place in the world as we know it from today. Many of us have heard of PAYPAL and understand that they do indeed have a large control of the payment industry when it comes to making online payments. Finally we have discovered a very promising company that after years of struggling have made tremendous strides this year going from near "broke" for the past several years to cash flow "positive". The company has signed multiple contracts  with some of the best known companies in the U.S.A such as CARDINAL COMMERCE and KARMEN CONSULTANTS. These contracts are expected to fetch well over $600,000 per month in revenues alone! Furthermore Q2 financials are expected to be released no later than mid- August which are expected to show the first signs of positive numbers seen in years.

MYEC has been getting quite the buzz in the investment community as talks of EBAY, MICROSOFT and PAYPAL have surfaced. Now based on our own extensive due diligence we are extremely pleased to discover some more "missing" pieces of the puzzle that could very well shape the future of Worldwide Check processing & Payments from the way we see today.
We believe MYEC is now in talks with International Banks to allow Worldwide Check and Payment processing. China could very well be the country of interest and with China's ever growing population, the timing could never have been better.

MyECheck, Inc is a company that was seriously affected when they lost their biggest Bank Partner due to the recession a few years ago. MyECheck, inc's CEO Edward Starrs has since then been working on reviving the company. The company recently signed a major Bank Partnership deal with the Bank Of Kentucky (BKYF) which is traded on NASDAQ. The stock as of today's close sits at $30.03 per share and is said to be worth $1.8 Billion including its assets. Now with every business requiring payments and check processing in one form or another MyECheck, Inc certainly has the goods to offer. With MyECheck's unique check processing and online payment, companies are expected to save billions of dollars a year! With a small 1% fee to a maximum of $5 dollars per transaction and backed by the federal reserve system, one only needs to look no further than MYEC (MyECheck, Inc) for check and payment processing. In conclusion with the stock trading over $4 dollars in 2011 and $1 dollar in 2012 we believe MYEC has got the goods to keep on trucking! Based on our due diligence we believe MYEC could be the most promising penny stock we have ever come across in years which shows massive potential. Our target remains at .10 to .15 cents for the medium term and $1 dollar or better for the long term.

NTEK (Nanotech Entertainment, Inc) Surges 14,000%+ From .0008 Alert!

NTEK .059- Back in December of last year we brought NTEK to the attention of our VIP Subscribers at a mere .0008 cents. Ever since our Alert we had been extremely confident from the time and advised our members that we saw tremendous potential for a life changing type move. Just 6 months later the stock hit an intraday high of .1395 cents posting an incredible 14,000%+ in gains. An investment of $10,000 dollars could have netted a massive profit of well over $1.5 million dollars! This is why we trade penny stocks and why many are now turning to Penny Stocks looking for the next "life changing" penny stock. We continue to remain bullish on NTEK and believe the stock could possible see a move of up to $1 dollar or better for the long term.

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