Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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Hot Stock Ready For A Bounce?- MYEC
MYEC (MyEcheck Inc) .0025- Finally after many months we have stumbled upon another extremely undervalued company which looks poised for massive gains and could very well be the next life changing type of Penny Stock that traders just love. This is a company which just recently signed a major deal with The Bank Of Kentucky which is one of the key reasons why we see tremendous potential in this stock. In other words how many Penny Stock companies do we see that make deals with the big leading banks or companies? Not many right? Now lets put the focus back on MYEC. This is a stock which once traded as high as $1 dollar per share earlier last year and has recently hit a low of .0001 cents just several weeks earlier. As many of our subscribers and members know we have a keen eye on finding these types of big runners before they run big. After witnessing the outstanding performance on our past calls such as ICPA .0008-.05+, VDSC .0008-.016, CPSZ .0008-.016 and many others, we believe MYEC is no different.
This stock that has seen some consolidation over the past week after its initial run up from .0001 cents to its high of .0068 cents just over a week ago. Now with multiple news updates along with uplisting to CURRENT STATUS on the OTC Markets the stock now appears to be well positioned and looks to have plenty of gas left in its tank to keep on going. The company released a series of promising news last month as they attempt to stage a major comeback which could very well make it among some of the biggest runners of the year. Just last week the company released news on filing with their Attorney with respect to the companies Current information status on the OTC markets via an Attorney letter. The news can be seen from the OTC market link below.


Lets take a moment to go over the MYEC Chart.

The MYEC Chart shows the 50 Day MA @ .0025 cents which is our first resistance which should break easily again. The 200 Day MA is @ .2286 cents and the RSI still below the Power Zone shows significant upside potential.

After extensive research we believe MYEC will be a top contender ready to bring investors life changing gains of up to .10 to .23 cents potential or better this year.


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