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TDEY (3D Entertainment Holdings) .0043- The next TECH Monster Runner?
TDEY .0043- This "TECH" stock alerted just last week is now on the verge of a major breakout as investors anticipate major growth with a multitude of products to be released shortly in the coming weeks and months going forward. The stock hit an intraday high of .0089 cents and closed at an impressive high of .0088 cents on over 150 million shares traded. The Ceo Clark Ortiz just released another tweet on Twitter yesterday which has certainly got us extremely excited of the future for this promising company. The tweet can be seen below.
The industry has finally coined a term for what we have built "MeTV". Nothing like being first to market. #TDEY
Now lets take a look at the TDEY Chart below to see how we are doing.
TDEY Weekly Chart- Wed, Sept 25th, 2013  
The TDEY Weekly Chart appears to be extremely bullish. The Weekly Chart shows the stock has surpassed its 50 Day Moving Average of .0050 cents and now looks to be well on its way towards its 200 Day Moving Average of .0458  cents. With multiple products to be released in the coming weeks and months ahead we believe this company could very well see an NTEK type run up to .10 to .15 cents range.
On Tuesday the company released impressive news which shows we are on track for another "life changing" opportunity once again and we firmly believe TDEY will be the next biggest play of the year going into 2014 which could very well see an NTEK type run from current levels. The news can be seen below.
3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc. Re-Domiciles, Updates App
Date :09/24/2013 @ 1:22PM
3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc.d/b/a 3D Eye Solutions, Inc. (OTC Pink: TDEY) a smart technology 2D and 3D entertainment distribution and development company announces its re-domicile of the company from Florida to Wyoming and the beta launch of its mobile application.
The Company has re-domiciled to Wyoming for ease of organization and corporate advancement. The State of Wyoming offers statutory flexibility in its corporate law that is beneficial for the future and growth of the company. While the Company is now a Wyoming corporation, the corporate offices are located at 1400 West Northwest Highway Suite 100, Grapevine, TX 76051.
The Company is filing with FINRA to change its name to 3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc. This name is more appropriate for the company's continued business in the entertainment market.
Update on Application launch WHAT DOES THE APPLICATION DO?
3D Entertainment launched its first media application called App 3DTV on the Android market in beta form. The beta launch proved to be a success with 75% of downloads from the USA, 18% Canada and 6.5% from Europe and proved the app's code base, business model and content. This provided the necessary time for the Company and potential customers to view the applications function in a real environment.
The application known as "App 3DTV" provides music videos, movies and shows to consumers for a monthly subscription of smart devices. Presently available over the Android Play app store, the application is in development for an October launch over other devices such as Amazon's Kindle and Roku. The Apple iOS is expected to launch in mid to late October.
"We are excited about the progress of the company and pleased to offer our product to the entertainment community. The average home today spends over $600 in entertainment and our first product priced at $7.99 will provide an affordable solution for those seeking movies, shows, 3D content and future mobile gaming," says Clark Ortiz, CEO of 3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc.
We expect the company to release their new 3D AppTV Application which will also be available soon on ROKU shortly in the coming days or weeks ahead. The stock was alerted last Monday and offered members opportunity to accumulate as low as .0013 cents. The stock is now starting to garner increased investor interest and expect to see an identical move to NTEK. We will continue to profile this company over the coming weeks and months for the medium to long term and expect a potential move of up to  .10 cents range or better.

Many of you may have heard of our legendary NTEK monster runner which ran from .0006 cents to a high of .1395 cents earlier this year providing life changing opportunity for those invested from earlier levels. Finally we have found another promising company which looks to have extreme similarities to NTEK and looks poised to run. This company is TDEY (3D Eye Solutions, Inc.)
Products and Services of 3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc. are set to include "full length movies, TV shows, Shorts, Dramas and original programming." They will also provide subscribers with a 3D TV App. Television and movie studios will also be creating content for 3D television networks and technology which will be available for licensing to other Media Distribution Networks. The key is relationships and personability. It appears 3D Entertainment Holdings has a firm initiative in taking 3D to the next level. Content by 3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc. will be delivered over Smart Applications available inside the perspective app store over mobile devices, Set Top Boxes, Television sets, Cable and Satellite systems, Worldwide, bridging the gap between Internet, Mobile and "Old School" Technologies.
The company recently became CURRENT on pinksheets. TDEY has recently launched its 3D App on GOOGLE PLAY on August 16TH, 2013 and has yet to be fully discovered by investors!
You can see it under this link (date and app)
Google Play is extremely profitable for companies that can get in on it. TDEY APP WILL SELL IN 130 COUNTRIES THROUGH GOOGLE APP. You can see it here,130 COUNTRIES
Their parent company also owns TVuer which is a stick you plug into your tv in the HDMI port. If your tv is not a smart tv it will be one when you stick that in so instead of spending $3,000 to $5,000 on a smart tv you can just buy this. The CEO is working hard and has multiple projects in the works. They recently launched a BETA version of a mobile Application that can be purchased and is fully functional. They expect to have more things coming including their new 3D Mobile IPTV app. More detailed information will be provided further down below.
Investor Conference Calls @ 12 Noon EDT
1 (559) 726-1200 Access Code 868001#
TDEY Conference Calls will be on Thursdays
TDEY (3D Entertainment Holdings Inc.) .0088 cents
Bid:                                                               .0088 cents
Ask:                                                              .0089 cents
Targets: .02 to .03 cents (Medium to long term potential targets only)
Company Verified Profile on OTC MARKETS. They are PINK "CURRENT" Status.
Contact Info
Whats HOT right now with TDEY ?



Video of APP in Action can be seen below
New Website also being Beta Tested


Unique situation for shareholders right now to watch the APP, Website and Company being developed right before our eyes.
Company will be updating Content on the APP weekly, as per conference call.


Facebook Page for 3D APP TV

CEO Clark Ortiz's Twitter

Lets Talk Money:

$TDEY - 800k$ a month Projected Revenue - Within 12 months of APP launch (Q4 2013)

2 MILLION$ a month Projected Revenue - Within 2 years of App launch (Q4 2013)

As Per PR today:

Conservitive projections place our subscription base over 100,000 within the first 12 months (7.99 a month) with an additional growth to 250,000 subscribers by month 24. We believe our application business could generate over $30M in subscription fees and advertising.

Business Description: The business is to be organized as a 2D and 3D content media creation and 3D entertainment distribution delivery company. Content will be delivered over Smart Applications available inside the perspective app store over mobile devices, Set Top Boxes, Television sets, Cable and Satellite systems.

The application will offer full length movies, TV shows, Shorts, Dramas and original programming for a subscription cost of $7.99 per month.

The main target markets for the business include: iOS, Android, Kindel, Roku, Boxee and Smart TV sets.
Weekly Conference Calls for Shareholder Transparency:

Tune in Weekly Every Friday at 4:30PM Eastern Standard Time

Conference call for TDEY: 559-726-1200 / Access Code 868001#

email questions prior to:

CLICK EITHER LINK, Then Just Hit The Play Button on desired Weekly Conference Call(s)

Business Description
3D Eye Solutions is a service provider, developer and integrator for the 3D Stereo and Auto-stereo media industry. We are dedicated to pushing the envelope in the 3D Auto-Stereoscopic industry with our proprietary 2D to 3D conversion process. Our goal as content providers is to develop and produce properties that will heighten the viewer's experience, yet make it cost effective for productions and post-production projects to work with an efficient pipe-line. We provide services for Cinema, Digital Signage and Home Theater markets. 3D Eye Solutions stays on the cutting edge of stereoscopic technology providing our clients with services and options that supersede expectations. Our constant research and development on emerging technology and ability to integrate into existing and future production pipelines increases the overall effectiveness and makes it cost effective to produce 3D. Our services consist of taking existing (Film libraries, commercials, advertisements, etc.) and new properties with our own proprietary techniques and processing power to create flexibility with depth and forward projection. 3D Eye Solution is focused on processing a high quality, esthetically pleasing 3D image that enhances the end users over-all experience. The most surprising feature  about 3D Eye Solutions compared to our competitors is that we keep all our technology and processing in the United States. All our conversion is processed in our Florida studio. We believe this gives us a competitive edge when it comes to servicing our clients, especially when our clients want a more hands-on approach during the conversion process. In addition, 3D Eye Solutions is developing properties and appliances that integrate with 3D Stereo and multi-view products/displays by creating license and distribution channels to monetize properties.
In today's movie/media industry it's all about buzz and the latest technologies that go with it. 3D is everywhere but very few understand the costly production process that go with achieving 3D stereo. 3D Eye has the simple solution and makes it cost effective to do so by providing two formats to release to, stereo and auto-stereo. With 3D Eye Solutions' post-production process we eliminate all the issues of filming in stereo with a stereo rig on site. Our process is in a controlled environment and does not require a stereo pair (left eye/right eye). We use our reality splitter™ technology to take and existing film (HD 2K, 4K) and process for 3D formats: RealD, Dolby3D, and digital 3D outlets. 3D Eye Solutions stays on the cutting edge of stereoscopic technology providing our client's with services and options that supersede expectations. Our constant research and development on emerging technology and the ability to integrate into production pipelines increases our overall efficiency and makes it cost effective to produce 3D. Our 3D conversion services include taking existing 2D (Film libraries, commercials, advertisements, etc.) and new traditionally produced properties through our proprietary 3D process.  Our specialized 3D techniques and tool sets enable us to create immersive depth, heart grabbing negative space and visually stunning scenes while maintaining studio quality standards. In addition, 3D Eye Solutions is developing software tools and appliances that integrate with 3D Stereo and multi-view products/displays. We are creating licensing and distribution channels to assist in the monetization of  the converted  2D properties.
Share Structure
Market Value1$698,152a/o Aug 22, 2013
Shares Outstanding634,684,055a/o Jul 16, 2013
Float:                          156 million
Authorized Shares900,000,000a/o Jul 16, 2013
Par Value0.0001
** We will be profiling this company over the next several months for the Medium to Long Term.

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