Saturday, December 15, 2012

Penny Stock Geeks

Massive Profits This Week- MPIX 500%+, VDSC 330% & NTEK 220%

MPIX (Mindpix Corp) .019- This stock alerted to our VIP Subscribers earlier this year gave opportunity to accumulate in the low .0020-.0030 cents ranges. Since then the stock surged close to the .01 cents mark before consolidating. Over the past several months MPIX has regained strength and closed at a high of .019 cents giving over 500%+ in potential gains for our VIP members. As you can see a VIP Gold Membership here would have paid itself off many times over.

VDSC (Alas International Holdings Inc) .0018- This stock initially alerted to our VIP Subscribers at .0008 cents recently and our FREE members at .0012 cents hit an intraday high of .0035 cents on Friday for an incredible 330% in gains for our VIP Subscribers and up to 180% in gains for our FREE members. Another great pick giving both VIP and FREE members opportunity for profits.

NTEK (NanoTech Entertainment Inc) .0020- This stock recently alerted at .0008 cents to our VIP Subscribers hit a high of .0026 cents this week for an impressive 220% in gains. The stock continues to see heavy accumulation and along with regular updates and interest could very sell see a rally up to .01 cents ranges in the coming weeks or months ahead.

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