Sunday, December 9, 2012

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CLNP (CleanPath Resources Corp) .0056- Hot Pot With The Buzz

CLNP .0056- As many of you are aware, we first brought CLNP (CleanPath Resources Corp) to our VIP members attention earlier this summer when the stock had yet to be fully discovered by investors. Since then the stock has outperformed analysts and investors expectations hitting a high of .0114 cents posting over 1,200% in gains in November of last month before retracing to a low of .0037 cents. Over the past several weeks CLNP has shown significant recovery and closed the trading session on Friday at a modest .0056 cents. Now with pending Audited Financials including uplisting to Current status, the stock looks poised to see another significant rally surpassing the previous high of .0114 cents.

CLNP is growing quite rapidly in which they have been forced to relocate early next year. The relocation has been confirmed by CEO Ken Lewis last week. But that's not all; what sets CLNP apart from many stocks in its sector is the multitude of diversified Agreements with multiple companies and most importantly the recent Merger with HEMP Inc

After carefully analyzing the performance of CLNP over the past 6 months we believe CLNP is well on its way to become the next Life changing potential Penny Stock of 2013. One of the most significant reason as to why is because of the company's most recent Merger with HEMP Inc(HEMP) HEMP Inc is a well known Marijuana company which specializes in industrial Hemp for medicinal purposes.

With the multi billion Dollar Marijuana industry, the recent Marijuana legalization and growing interest in Pot stocks, CLNP has been getting quite the buzz among investors around the world. With the new Marijuana Tax Bill proposition, slated to be in effect early in 2013, we believe CLNP is well positioned to reward its serious and dedicated shareholders with Life changing gains. Over the past month Ceo Ken Lewis has shown to be working diligently around the clock to grow his company. This morning he announced in his latest Twitter Tweet "Marz Sprays is now available in 25 independent drug stores and 1 juice bar in the Los Angeles area". We expect CEO Ken Lewis to continue to exceed investors expectations and believe CLNP is one of the most promising investments out there in the OTC Penny Stock market.

Some key points of CLNP are listed below:

- Merger with HEMP Inc (HEMP) HEMP recently surged from .0080 cents to over .09 cents just over a month ago

- 80 Re-Load products sold by the company

- Low float of 312 Million Shares

- Multiple Agreements with MARZ SPRAYS

- Agreements with RYTHYM ROOSTER

- PLANET FITNESS Contracts (pending)


- New Reality TV Show


- Franchise Opportunities. Each Franchise costs at least $20,000 Dollars to start. The company has been growing very rapidly and new Franchises are continuing to open rapidly. The end result being more revenue and profit for the company.

More information on CLNP Franchise opportunities can be seen from the links below:

In conclusion we continue to give a strong BUY rating for CLNP and expect CLNP to continue to outperform analysts and investors expectations next year and have a PPS (Price Per Share) target of .10 cents to .25 cents.

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