Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Penny Stock Geeks

CGUD (Com-Guard.com, Inc.) .0016 Cents- CTCC Type Move Underway? 

CGUD (Com-Guard.com, Inc.) .0016 Cents- Last year we alerted CTCC which had a
similar share structure to that of CGUD and which gave our members opportunity back then to accumulate as low as .0010 cents before the stock rallied to an impressive high of .015 cents several weeks later for well over 1,400% in potential profits. We have now stumbled upon another undervalued Penny Stock which we feel has the potential to bring the types of gains investors crave; CGUD. Recently CGUD appears to be on the move coming off its 52 week lows of .0008 cents. This is a stock which has major ties to APPLE and GOOGLE and has yet to be discovered by investors. Yesterday the stock hit an intraday high of .0018 cents and closed at a solid .0016 cents.This stock with its low float of just 65 million shares and pending news update along with increased investor interest could very well see a major rally up to .01 cents or better in the coming days or weeks ahead.

* CGUD Chart- The stock on a major reversal from its 52 weeks lows of .0008 cents hitting an intraday high of .0018 cents during yesterday's trading session and appears well positioned for a move past the 200 day moving average of .0023 cents towards the .01 cents or better range.


CGUD Key Points

- The stock coming off recent lows of .0008 Cents

- CGUD has recently become CURRENT on Pinksheets

- Has a very small float of just 65 Million Shares which means there is tremendous upside potential.

- Virtually unheard of to majority of traders giving first opportunity for members.

 way for possible blue sky breakout to .01 cents or better.

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