Saturday, April 28, 2012

HUGE Gains For Week Of April 27th, 2012


ICPA .0265- We alerted this stock to our VIP Subscribers at its 52 week lows at .0008 cents back in December. The stock has given numerous opportunities for profits and dropped back to .0008 cents lows earlier this year. At the time we came across this stock we felt it had strong upside potential and we informed our VIP Subscribers of this. Over the past several months since our initial alert at .0008 cents ICPA has surged well over 8,000% when it hit an intraday high of .0307 cents on Friday. We have been very strong on this stock from the start and those who followed us have had a potential life changing opportunity before them. A small investment of $2,000 dollars at .0008 cents for 2.5 million shares could have made well over $74,000 dollars on Friday. This is why we trade OTC Penny Stocks and why many traders have come to us for help in finding the next gem.

AUMY .0041- This Gold stock offered our VIP Subscribers opportunity to accumulate shares as low as .0031 cents. The stock hit a high of .0124 cents earlier this week on promising news giving both our VIP Subscribers and FREE members opportunity for over 200% in gains. With its recent $20 million financing deal along with QE3 fears, these Gold/ Silver stocks could bring tremendous gains. We believe dividend news updates and acquisition news could be well on its way shortly. After taking a severe hit this Friday we think the stock could possibly see a nice recovery and rally back over .01+ cents in the coming weeks.

MEXP .0007- We first alerted this stock to our VIP members several months ago which gave at least 2 opportunities for a run from .0008 cents to .0016 cents. Recently the stock took a beating to a low of .0003 cents and we advised our VIP Subscribers to accumulate for the pending run. In the past week the stock surged well over 100% hitting with an intraday high of .0008 cents and closing the trading day at a modest .0007 cents. With continued volume the stock could see up to .0015-.0020 cents range or better.

BRZL .0014- This stock has got the investment community buzzing on a possible Reverse Merger in the works. Since our alert to our VIP Subscribers the stock offered opportunity to accumulate as low as .0006 cents and hit a high of .0016 cents on Friday posting well over 150% in potential gains for our VIP Subscribers. Usually when we have any filings released, these stocks tend to have news following up shortly. We could possibly see BRZL hit as high as .0030 or better with continued volume next week.

VSHC .0025- Recently VSHC offered our VIP members opportunity to accumulate as low as .0008 cents. This is a stock which we had traded before and moves well with its low share structure. On Thursday VSHC went on a marathon hitting a high of .0049 cents posting well over 500% in gains for our VIP Subscribers. Another great stock which has shown how many of our picks are making our VIP Subscribers profits over and over again.

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