Friday, May 4, 2012

Penny Stock Geeks

DGRI (Dutch Gold Resources Inc) .0023- The Next 10,000% Gold Runner?

DGRI .0023- Since our most recent alert to our VIP Subscribers at a mere price of just .0005 cents this stock has surely been on fire. This Gold stock has got the investment community buzzing for the past several days with many wondering just when does it stop? DGRI is a stock which used to trade in the .04 cents ranges several years ago and has struggled to survive and taken a severe beating in the past year all the way to its recent lows at .0005 cents ranges. When the company recently announced an A/S increase, many investors were upset and panic selling took place. As Warren Buffet would say "buy when others are fearful" led us to think "outside of the box" and we immediately advised our VIP Subscribers of a potential life changing opportunity. In the past week DGRI has beat all odds and surged upwards to .0010 cents. On Thursday the CEO hit investors with impressive news of a company press conference to update shareholders and the public of the company's corporate devlopment plans and its ultimate goal to becoming a cash flow positive junior miner. The news can be seen in the following link below. The very same day on the news release the stock surged upwards closing up at its high of day at .0017 cents. On Friday the stock hit an intraday high of .0026 cents before closing at a modest .0023 cents. So far the stock has surged over 400% since we alerted our VIP Subscribers and looks poised to hit .01 to .02 cents in the coming weeks when the company press conference takes place. Rumours have surfaced of a possible reverse merger with a big gold player which if comes to fruition could see the stock price hit as high as $1 dollar or more. We expect DGRI to advance further and believe with Gold prices expected to rise in 2013 and beyond, DGRI has found its niche; one that could be a true life changer for investors who remain patient. Ultimately in conclusion our long term target price for DGRI is anywhere from .10 cents to $1 dollar.

ICPA (IC Places Inc) .0351- This OTC Penny Stock Is Now Officially Our Biggest Runner Of 2012 With Over 10,000%+ in Gains For Our VIP Subscribers

ICPA .0351- Since our intial alert back in December to our VIP Subscribers at a mere price of just .0008 cents the stock shot up over 300% before retracing back to .0008 cents levels earlier this year. We advised our VIP Subscribers to accumulate and felt the stock had strong potential to offer possible "life changing" opportunity for investors. Over the past several weeks ICPA has been on a miracle run hitting a high of .0585 cents earlier this week bringing over 10,000%+ in potential gains. A small investment of just $2,000 dollars at .0008 cents could have banked an investor over $144,000 dollars in profits. This is why people trade Penny Stocks and why we are known to find those "hidden gems" before they "explode".

MMTS (Multi- Media Tutorial Services) .0060- Reverse Merger Coming?

MMTS .0060- Since our initial alert this week the stock has allowed our VIP Subscribers to accumulate shares as low as .0020 cents. Following our alert there has been strong buzz going on in the investment community which has talks of a possible Reverse Merger for MMTS with ViewPlus Technologies in the cards. If this comes out to be a reality, the stock could potentialy see up to .50 cents or higher considering its relatively low float of just 25 million shares. Even with just the speculation alone we could see up to .10 cents in the coming days or weeks ahead. Some of you may already recall CIND which ran from .0050 to over .12 cents just over a year ago. From our research we believe something similar could happen here on just the speculation alone! Take a look below at the following link and see what mind boggling information we have found!

Viewplus website:

It looks like a big private company. There is a very strong possibility that MMTS could r/m with View Plus on this good market to develop their business by going public.

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