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AUMY .0079 (Auric Mining Co)- Next Gold 10,000% Runner? 

AUMY .0079-This Gold stock has given us Gold fever this week when the company released impressive news on $20 million in financing. Since our initial alert last week the stock has offered our VIP subscribers opportunity to accumulate shares as low as .0031 cents. On Thursday the stock surged upwards to hit an intraday high around .0118 cents posting over 200%+ in potential gains so far. With the dividend coming up the end of next week, NI-43 geological report, acquisitions around the corner, along with Gold being a favourable commodity among traders, we expect AUMY to trade much higher from here. Our target remains at .10+ to .25 cents.

Auric Mining Co., Inc. .0079

Why does this companies future appear bright?

In regards to the most current news (within the past year) Auric Mining has acquired several properties including St. Kevin Gold silver mine properties in 2011. In April of 2011, Auric Mining Company had a joint venture with Plateau Mineral development, Inc. for the Homestead Gold and Silver Corp. Joint Venture for the development of the St. Kevin Mine located near Leadville, Colorado. This joint venture according to the press release “strengthens the team and resources available to successfully complete an ambitious 2 year drilling program that is intended to extend the proven gold and silver reserves on the property by as much as ten times which would value the resource at approximately $1 billion based on current prices for the precious metals”. 

In April of the same year, Auric Mining purchased “The Little Prince Mine” and a surrounding claim referred to as "Nettie Morgan" which is located near Leadville, Colorado. According to the press release: 

“The Little Prince Mine, originally part of the Big Six group, has been a haven for miners as a gold and silver producer with a long history of exploration and production since the late 1880s. The Little Prince Mine, originally part of the Standard Metals Group of mines, is situated on the Northwestern slope of Breece Hill, Leadville, located in the extremely rich silver belt in Colorado. Past production results and historical data indicate that the mine can be expected to produce between .005 - .27 per ounce of gold per ton, and from 1.8 to 14.7 per ounce of silver per ton, making it very attractive economically based on current prices of the metals.” 

In May of 2011 (the same year) Auric Mining Co. decided to upgrade its leased facility and renovate its current facility to be used as a head office and create an additional building to store mining records and core samples.

In December of 2011, Auric Mining Company entered into an agreement to obtain a property with gold in the Abitibi Greenstone belt , located in Ontario. In 2012 January, Auric Mine made the initial deposit to purchase the mine. 

A little about the Abitibi Greenstone Belt according to the press release: 

“The Abitibi Greenstone Belt, is where nearly a billion grams of gold have been produced to date and is near some of the largest gold reserves in Canada. The company has both legal and financial obligations to complete before possession and any work can be started in the spring of 2012”. 

2011 End of year Corporate Update: 

“Auric Mining Corporate Update Report: PR Newswire

WILMINGTON, Del., Dec. 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --Auric Mining Company (OTC: AUMY.PK) (the "Company") is pleased to report a general update on its activities for the year of 2011. It was a very busy year for the mining company in general buoyed by skyrocketing prices in the gold and precious metal industry.
Initially the company moved form an exploration company to a more mature developer of known ore bearing properties and started to put down roots in the gold rich Northwestern Ontario region. It started by forming a partnership Homestead Gold and Silver and soon branched out to researching, identifying and entering into agreements that would lead to the purchase of its own properties. The company expects to further advance these developments in the 2012 year and start geophysical expansion to enhance their value in the coming months. Once the option agreements have been completed the company believes that extending the drilling program, air magnetic survey and geophysical work will determine these multiple claims' true value to our operations. The company has both legal and financial obligations to complete before possession and any work can be started in the spring of 2012.”
March 23, 2012 
Auric Mining according to its recent press release stated the following: “Auric Mining Company (OTC: AUMY) announced today that, pursuant to a special meeting of the Board of Directors held on March 20th, 2012, the company has declared a stock dividend to all stockholders and set the record date for stock dividends to be 5pm EDT, April 28th, 2012.
In anticipation of new growth opportunities and as a loyalty benefit to all shareholders, the Board of AUMY has voted to pay all shareholders on record a 3% stock dividend. 3 new Auric Mining shares will be issued for every 100 owned.
The Ex-Dividend Date will be set at April 28, 2012. For the purpose of clarity, the standard Ex-Dividend Date rules will apply. If a stockholder buys a dividend paying stock one day before the Ex-Dividend Date, you will still qualify for the Stock Dividend. However, if you buy on the published date of the Ex-Dividend, in this case April 28, 2012, the shares won't be eligible for the Stock Dividend. Conversely, if you want to sell a stock and still receive the dividend that has been declared, you need to sell on (or after) the Ex-Dividend Day.
The date of payment for the stock dividends to all qualifying shareholders will be no later than one month after the Record Date. New share certificates will be mailed directly to all shareholders of record by the Company's Transfer Agent. In the interim, we advise all stockholders to contact their brokers to ensure their mailing information is updated and correct in order that stock certificates arrive at their proper destination. 
The Company anticipates additional announcements upon the completion of agreements for new growth opportunities currently in negotiation.” 

March 28, 2012
Auric Mining Company increased its revenue predictions. This increase was led in part by rising gold prices: “analysts for both BNP Paribas and Thomson Reuters set gold price targets of $2,000 by late 2012 early 2013. In a note to clients published yesterday morning, BNP Paribas precious metals strategist Anne-Laure Tremblay maintained her 2012 and 2013 gold price targets of $1,850 and $2,225 per ounce respectively; and Philip Klapwijk, Global Head of metals analytics at Thomson Reuters GRMS, the world's leading metals consultancy firm, asserted that he sees gold rebounding to $2,000 per ounce either in late 2012 or early 2013”. 
The following was also stated: “In anticipation of new growth opportunities and as a loyalty benefit to all shareholders, the Board of AUMY has recently announced that it has voted to pay all shareholders on record a 3% stock dividend. 3 new Auric Mining shares will be issued for every 100 owned”.

April 17, 2012
Auric Mining Company secured an asset backed $20,000,000 Financial Gurantee Commitment. 

Auric Mining Company has acquired several properties for gold and silver mining. As with any mining company, gold is often present in the mines, but finances are required to extract the gold. The company now has the ability to use these finances for growth. The most recent press releases show that the company is taking shareholders into consideration. Many companies provide dividends to shareholders, but for a Penny stock company to provide its shareholders with a 3-for-1 dividend this is huge. Since the past year Auric Mining has been actively pursuing properties and obtaining finances along with “acquisitions”. It appears as though this is only the beginning of what is to come. From the recent press releases and by arranging the events in order of occurrence, it is apparent that Auric Mining Company is taking the steps towards success.

ICPA .016- Since our initial alert back in December to VIP Subscribers at a mere price of just .0008 cents this stock has brought hefty gains over and over again. There were multiple opportunities for profit. We told our subscribers that we felt this stock had some strong potential for the longer term and we were spot on. This week ICPA surged upwards and hit an impressive high of .0194 cents posting an incredible 1,800%+ in gains for our VIP subscribers. Of course if the momentum continues ICPA could see much higher. The bottom line is this is another fine example of how patience has shown to pay off for a large number of our picks over and over again.

ISML .102- We were the very first group to alert ISML to our VIP subscribers last year at .01 cents as our long term buy and hold pick. Yesterday the stock surged on sudden volume and hit an intraday high of .22 cents posting some very impressive gains for our VIP subscribers. A small investment of just $500 dollars at .01 cents would have made an investor $10,500 dollars in profits! This is what Penny Stock Geeks is all about; bringing those hidden "gems" before they explode big!

MMTS (Multi- Media Tutorial Services).0068 Cents- Next Reverse Merger Runner?

MMTS .0068- Earlier this week we alerted MMTS to our VIP subscribers at .0026 cents. The very same day of our alert the stock surged to a high of .0060 cents before retracing. We advised members to accumulate and hold as we felt the stock would see higher gains. On Friday the stock upwards to a high of .0090 cents posting an impressive 210%+ in gains. The stock retraced to .0050 cents lows before regaining strength later in the afternoon closing the day at a modest .0068 cents. We believe with continued volume we could see a potential target of .02+ to .10 cents from these levels. Below you may view our due diligence report on this company.

MMTS Due Diligence Report

1. Company Websites:
2. Contact Info:
Contact Info
1214 East 15th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11230

3. Share Structure:
Shares Outstanding 54,084,902 a/o Jul 15, 2008 
Float Not Available 
Authorized Shares Not Available
Par Value 0.01 

Why we like this stock?

4. company filed 15-12G flier to reduce their costs. The company has made great progress recently with more students registering for their programs to learn math.

5. Par value is 0.01 and the stock is currently trading at .0026cents.That tells the story that this is very undervalued stock.

6. O/S is only 54 million and float should be much less than the o/s looking at the Level 2. It trades very thin.

7. Look at the blogspot link on this company. You can see lot of good things on MMTS.
Monday, May 9, 2011 Student Becomes Gifted in Math After Working with Our Tutors and Products!

8. Look at this article
Multimedia Tutorial Services, Inc. Expands Digital Marketing With SmartFinds Internet Marketing for Greater Web Exposure
Multimedia Tutorial Services, Inc. and their "Math Made Easy" and "The Tutorial Channel" online programs are the answer to the nation's unmet and growing need for effective, reasonably priced alternatives to high-cost tutoring centers. In an age where classrooms are systematically overcrowded, and parents often have less time and resources to effectively assist their children -- SmartFinds Internet Marketing is bringing Math Made Easy ( and The Tutorial Channel
( the outreach programs needed.

9. R/M possibility with ViewPlus Technologies:

Viewplus website:
It looks like a big private company. There is a possibility that MMTS could r/m with View Plus on this good market to develop their business by going public.

10. We don't like to give the targets for this company as they were 15-12g flier and not filing documents. But with the low s/s, lot of developments going behind the scenes, r/m possibility/rumors, we expect this to be trading around .02+ to .10 cents.

DNNC (Donini Inc) .0014- Small company with a BIG future?

DNNC .0014- This stock alerted at .0006 cents to VIP members several weeks ago hit .0018 cents high this week posting some nice 200% in gains for our VIP subscribers. If volume and interest continues DNNC should be able to break the .0020 cents barrier and could see higher from here.

SNDY (Solos Endoscopy) .0115- The Next VKNG Medical Runner?

SNDY .0115- Our best medical stock of the year is still itching to make that much awaited comeback. After seeing an incredible run from our .0008 cents alert early in January to its recent high of .0243 cents several weeks ago, we believe it is almost time before the next big run. We expect some good news to be released shortly which should add some juice to this stock to get it going. With a large number of shares locked up by longs we should see an explosive breakout from here. Short term we expect to see anywhere between .035 to .05 cents. Longer term we see a potential target of .50 cents to $1 dollar per share.

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