Saturday, March 24, 2012

Penny Stock Geeks

SNDY (Solos Endoscopy)- The Next VKNG Medical Stock Of 2012?

SNDY .017- Our best performing medical stock of 2012 has been on a steady roll since our initial alert back in January at a mere price of just .0008 cents to VIP members. On Friday SNDY went on to break the barrier at .0147 cents which was the previous high record in February before the stock retraced sharply back to 0038 cents lows. Since then SNDY has managed to overcome all obstacles and made a significant comeback with many loyal group of traders who appear to be holding the majority of the float. The stock has seen some serious momentum as of late after the latest Paragon Financial report which was released this week. Paragon Financial is a prominent research analyst firm which mentioned SNDY next to OPK medical which is a leading medical equipment manufacturer trading on the Amex just below $5 dollars per share. This report by Paragon gives even more credibility of what is about to unfold with SNDY this year and perhaps in the years to come. There is a lot of buzz growing between investors including a possibility of  buyout which is a very strong possibility. We expect to see a VKNG type of run this year which could see the stock hit as high as $1 dollar long term. 

HLXH (Hamptons Luxury Homes) .1195- This is an impressive stock which we initially alerted last year to our VIP members as a long term buy and hold investment. As of now HLXH is now up 1,000% percent for our VIP members. A small investment of just $500 dollars could have made an investor $7,500 dollars in profit when it hit .16 cents on Friday. With the quality of this stock and its low float we believe there is tremendous upside potential for this stock and have a target price of $1 dollar per share for the long term.

GRPS (Gold River Productions) .0006- We alerted our VIP Subscribers GRPS this week at .0003 cents. The stock hit a high of .0008 cents for an easy 125% in gains for our VIP Members. This is what Penny Stock Geeks is all about. We bring the type of gains that traders love to make.

FLTT (Flint Telecom Group) .0010- We alerted our VIP Subscribers FLTT at .0004 cents giving them opportunity to buy as low as .0004 cents. The stock had a filing out this week along with news which helped run the stock up on a possible reverse merger. FLTT hit a high of .0016 cents on Thursday bringing our VIP Subscribers another impressive 300% in gains. 

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