Monday, October 25, 2010

Penny Stock Geeks

 Welcome to Penny Stock Geeks. We work hard to find you extremely undervalued pennystocks poised for explosive gains and no we are not just talking about 100% and 200% but 1,000% and more!

PennyStockGeeks Update-Oct 25th, 2010
  MLXO- Today this stock did as I thought it would. MLXO was alerted to my subscribers at 0080 and today closed the day at a high of 0107 cents up 33.75%! The way MLXO is going I believe we should see much more gains going further in both short and medium term. This stock is extremely undervalued and with the CEO working on plenty of new valuable projects, this company does indeed have alot going for it.

IMAI- This stock today pulled back after it opened the day with a gap up at 015 cents in which some previous investors may have sold out. If you followed my alert on GRNH last week which ran roughly 400% from 0175 to 08 cents then you do not want to miss out on IMAI. 
      IMAI is an absolute steal at these prices. Based on the volume and charts I see IMAI heading back up this week especially with possible legalization of marijuana by the US government next month. Watch for alot of new investors come rushing in to buy these Hot Marijuana penny stocks after watching the CNBC broadcast this week!

PRPM (Propalms Inc) - This stock did quite well today with an increase in volume and PPS. The stock closed at 0009 up 30% from my 0007 alert which makes me happy knowing I alerted my subscribers at the 0006-0007 range a few weeks ago. After restructuring and changing their business focus PRPM is now poised to be a top tier company in their industry which includes IT Management and IT Services
. The Company also has registered its new domain name and made the required changes under the State of Nevada amendments and also recieved its new CUSIP and is waiting from FINRA to announce the exact date of the name change.
     With Company Dividend news expected to come out next week things are looking Hot for PRPM shareholders. PRPM will also be announcing a closing of their Merger anyday now. I feel PRPM (ProPalms inc) is set to post record new highs as investors start to realize the worth of " Cloud Computing" and the IT Services industry as a whole. 

HESG- This marijuana stock is making music to my hears knowing I alerted my subscribers at 0002 and today closed at 0003. Watch for sudden rush of buyers comming in herds after watching CNBC broadcasting Marijuana this week. HESG although called a lotto play is suddenly gaining massive attention which could cause this stock to explode if the law is passed.

Good luck and happy trading.



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