Saturday, October 23, 2010

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Weekend Update: GRNH, HESG,STAU

GRNH, HESG - What happens to these 2 companies if Marijuana Law is approved?

Watch the video and find out

GRNH 056 - I alerted my subscribers when the stock was 0175 Cents. The next day the stock shot up over 250%! Two days later the stock rose to a 08 cents posting explosive gains of 400% for my email subscribers before closing the week still up 325% from my alert. This is what I like to see for my subscribers; stocks that are poised to explode but also run and hold their gains for a longer term rather than a quick run up only to shoot down just as fast. This is why we recommend you subscribe today and follow us as we help you make money in the pennystock market. With Marijuana about to become possibly legalized by the USA Government next month this stock was and may still be just Too Hot to handle.

HESG 0002- We love this lotto play as this one could be the biggest play we have bet on all year. If in fact the proposed marijuana law does go into effect then HESG is definetly set to explode perhaps the most out of all the marijuana stocks since its share price is extremely so low. With CNBC and Discovery Channel set to have a marijuana televised event this week and legalization possibly a done deal as early as next month, marijuana stocks are certainly ripe for the picking.

STAU (Star Nutrition Inc)- I alerted my subscribers 2 weeks ago. The stock then shot up about 170% from the time I alerted my subscribers only to go down as the PENA market maker was weighing it down. After friday's close of 0004 I feel this stock has alot more going for it down the road. This stock does have alot of great potential and I feel that the company may have been diluting to raise funds to cover costs of marketing their new products. From the last PR the company stated they will be doing a " Hard Launch" of their products. I visited the Canadian Health Expo today where the company showcased their new products and I must say I am greatly impressed with their products. The company is growing at a rapid rate and orders are comming in including wholesale orders and I can bet the books alot more orders will be comming in very very soon. STAU was trading at 05 cents just about a month ago and took quite a tumble.  I feel this stock has alot more room to run and the possibilities outweight the risks because huge news is just around the corner; possibly news of a Walmart deal or another big box store.

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