Saturday, October 16, 2010

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STAU : Could this be the next BIEL in the makings?

STAU, Star Nutrition Inc currently at an extremely cheap bargain price of just 0005 caught my attention last week and I gave a heads up to my followers on Sunday Night after digging deep and finding out more on what this company is all about.  The next day after my announcement on STAU the stock made a mad dash from my 0007 call to 0018 to ring up a total of 120%+ gains! After my experience with BIEL which ran from 0030 levels to .12 cents last year I believe STAU has what it takes to " sock it " to the next level. 

With a number of products out in the market this company offers a great chance for investors to purchase shares at a steep discount and reap tremendous rewards in the very near future.

The company has come out with 2 new products that they will soon be launching , a new Diabetic sock and Incredibrace at the Canadian Health Food Association expo in Toronto October 23-24. This new sock has a 200 thread count sock, woven with bamboo charcoal and germanium to increase circulation. This is an extremely rare opportunity to see the true value of what this company is about to achieve. Nontheless if you remember BIEL from my 0030 call which ran to .12 cents or the VKNG stock which ran from 0050 to $1 dollar you can bet the banker on this one. The news surrounding VKNG when they were about to launch their 3D Vision surgical device and had a Health Expo exhibition to showcase their new products has similarities to STAU. First off the Launch of the New Diebetic sock has tremendous potential. 

This sock itself is a sure bet to be placed in Walmart and top drug/ Health stores. I have a friend who is a nurse and she has also told me that Diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate and also people who have Heart/ health problems tend to eventually end up with Diabetes. This is sad indeed but at the same time it is great for this company as more demand means more products and of course more profits while at the same time they help people live their lives the way they want and the way they should with comfort.

The second product which is the Incredibrace products, for carpal tunnel syndrome, knees, and low back, will be the first brace line on the market to increase circulation having the same properties as Incredisocks. I believe this also adds alot of additional value to the company. How many people suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and are in constant pain all the time? Again this is when Incredibrace can help assist and relieve the pain for people. 

The company has set up a website,, to act as a clearinghouse of information, as well as online ordering instructions. Reporting that the company has been overwhelmed with prospective customer inquiries about Incredisocks, Dr. Corley commented, “We are thrilled to finally bring these products to market.” Dr. Corley will be a guest on the “LET’S TALK HEALTH” radio show with Dr. Ria on October 14, 2010 from 11:00 A.M. - noon, 1440 AM, WNPV in Lansdale, Pa.

The Spray products are specially formulated to relieve symptoms associated with many every day health conditions such as allergy, flu, menopause and more. The Spray is available in the following forms: are a unique and innovative health care solution. The Spray products are sprayed under the tongue and absorbed through the sublingual mucus membrane. This form of administration is convenient, eliminating the need to swallow pills and potential stomach distress. 

The Spray products are homeopathic and are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Homeopathic products are recognized worldwide as one of the safest health care remedies available.

We will continue to keep track of STAU ( Star Nutrition Inc) as they progress and expand and will also be attending the Health Expo in Toronto on October 23rd and 24th this comming weekend. Until then stay safe and stock up at these bargain basement prices!

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