Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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CLNP (CleanPath Resources Corp) .0070- Next Hot Pot Stock Ready To Run?

CLNP has been outperforming all expectations since we released the pick to our VIP members earlier this summer and does not look ready to stop anytime soon. Recently we have seen Marijuana stocks such as HEMP which traded at .01 cents at its 52 weeks lows rally to a high of .09 cents and could possibly keep going much higher. With Marijuana stocks on the move as of late, many investors have been keeping a keen eye on CLNP. Now some of you may ask what does CLNP have to do with Pot? The answer is very simple; the connections to HEMP; a company which specializes in industrial Hemp and related health products. The fact CLNP has multiple partnership agreements with HEMP in place makes CLNP a “must have stock” investors may want to have in their portfolios especially with Marijuana legalization looming around the corner just days away with our target price of .05 cents to .10 cents.


Some New Developments on CLNP: 


On August 23, 2012 CLNP released a PR stating the following: “CLEANPATH RESOURCES CORP (OTC: CLNP) (www.re-load.biz) is proud to announce the latest advanced formulations for four of our natural herbal supplements. Re-Load® Male Enhancement™, Re-Load® 7 Hour Energy™, Re-Load® Detox™, and Re-Load® Weight Loss™”. Many big companies constantly reformulate products and change appearance of products to increase buyer awareness and overall sales.  It is apparent that CleanPath Resources, Corp. is taking the initial steps of reformulating its products so that it is more efficient in today's competitive marketplace.   As part of the reformulations, they now have added herbs and vitamins.  As consumers are becoming more and more competent they are probing product labels and looking for more natural ingredients as opposed to the conventional lab manufactured ones.  This is even more reason why CLNP has a chance to succeed. 


“CleanPath Resources Corp (OTC:CLNP) focuses on the vast nutraceuticals market created by the growing demand for natural sources of wellness and an ever increasing desire of people to take control of their health and wellbeing through proper diet and nutritional supplements. The company offers products that give aggressive entrepreneurs access to advanced beneficial products that are herbal, natural, and safe”. 


According to the PR on September 20, 2012 CLNP “announced today that it will begin nationwide distribution of MegaCare, Inc.'s Herbal Supplements on the 1st of October. This increases CleanPath's product line by 32 products formulated for General Health, Blood Sugar Care, Bone & Joint Care, Eye Care, Heart Care, Memory Care, Men's Care, Women's Care, Immune Care, Weight Care, and other benefits” 


Diabetes and musculoskeletal problems are on the rise as are cardiovascular and other issues.  More and more people are gearing towards natural products to deal with these issues.  Therefore, it is apparent that the natural healthcare products ensure that CleanPath Resources, Corp.  is on the right path- A path towards great success. 


Furthermore, just as some other stocks have gained success through mass marketing, CLNP is following suit.  In the company’s most recent Tweet on Twitter today, CEO Ken Lewis announced

Re-Load Wellness Products will be the primary sponsor of the Sprint Cup Car #79 driven by Kelly Bires at Texas Motor Speedway on the 4th –KL”.  The tweet can be seen here https://twitter.com/ReloadCEO


Also in a recent PR the following was stated:  CleanPath's Re-load.biz division will co-sponsor the number 08 nationwide race car at the Charlotte Speedway on October, 13th. Driven by Kyle Fowler and co sponsored with Speedway Children's Charities, the car will be unveiled on Friday the 12th of October at a press conference with four radio stations interviewing the driver”.


The race car sponsorship has been done and CLNP has gained even greater exposure which has helped increase its PPS, or price per share.  This advertising is only a beginning step for CLNP.  There is a lot more to come.  The CEO Ken Lewis has kept all promises and is really showing an interest in furthering the development of his company, which equates to a future greater valuation.  It is only a matter of time before we see even more developments with CLNP and an even greater rise in price per share. 




Furthermore, we are anticipating more PR's from Ken Lewis regarding new developments with the company in November and onwards.  Ken is being very honest and transparent with his company which is why we believe CLNP can go even further. 


To expand even more on the potential for an even greater increase in PPS, we can examine another exciting aspect.  CLNP has a deal with HEMP.  Some of you may or may not be aware of the relationship between CLNP and HEMP. 


The elections are now closer then ever and Marijuana is of great interest.  For additional information please see the following website:  http://www.cannabisnowmagazine.com/politics/election-day-prime

If Marijuana becomes legalized it will reflect in CLNP's PPS. 



http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blogs/how-hemp-oil-cures-cancer-and-why-no-one-knows-10-23-2012  Hemp oil is known to cure Cancers.  If Marijuana is legalized CLNP's products can begin to fly off shelves and actually benefit people in potentially curing diseases like Cancer where a cure was once not available.  Finally as we can see it is fully apparent that CLNP is on the right track with its healthcare line which could very well pave the future for investors seeking potential “Life changing” opportunity.


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