Monday, October 22, 2012

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CLNP (CleanPath Resources Corp)- Next Hemp/ Marijauna Hot Stock Set To EXPLODE?

CLNP .0044- Recently we have seen stocks such as HEMP which traded at .01 cents at its 52 weeks low rally to a high of .06 cents. HEMP is company which has recently been getting quite the buzz among investors as pot season explodes as we head into the U.S Federal elections. Now many of you may ask what is the significance of HEMP in relation with CLNP? The fact is HEMP and CLNP have partnered together to help individuals live a happier and healthier life style. On September 19th, 2012 HEMP officially announced a Private Label Licensing agreement with CLNP and its RE-LOAD products.

The PR can be seen from the link below:
HEMP, Inc. (OTC: HEMP) Announces Private Label Licensing Agreement Re-Load® for HerbaGenix Nutraceuticals
Also on September 24th, 2012 HEMP announced a Merger with CleanPath Resources Corp to have them distribute their HEMP and other products. The PR can be seen from the following link below:

Strategic Merger of HEMP, Inc. (OTC: HEMP) and CleanPath Resources Corp Creates Business Opportunity for Aggressive Entrepreneurs.

This agreement was a significant accomplishment for Cleanpath Resources Corp and has gone pretty much unnoticed to the vast majority of investors. As the federal election nears along with the Marijauna legalization debate, many Hemp/ Marijauna stocks appear to be on the move and headed for explosive levels. For CLNP with its current price per share well below the .0050 cents levels we believe there is plenty of upside for "life changing" potential for investors. Earlier this year we have seen stocks such as SNDY which we alerted at .0008 cents to our VIP members head past .024+ cents for massive gains. Also HBRM which was alerted at .0006 cents hit .02+ cents and finally we had ICPA which was alerted at .0008 cents and hit an astonishing .05+ cents for insane gains for our VIP members. We believe CLNP will be the next big winner of 2012 with a target price of up to .05 cents or better in the coming weeks ahead this year.

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