Tuesday, July 3, 2012

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INAR (InternetArray Inc) .0035- Next ICPA/ GOIG Runner?

INAR (InternetArray Inc) continues to surprise the investment world after rallying over 1,100% since our initial alert several weeks ago initially first to VIP members which gave our VIP members opportunity to accumulate shares as low as .0002 cents and around .0005 cents for FREE members last week. Yesterday the stock surged further upwards hitting an intraday high of .0036 cents before closing the session strong at an impressive close of .0035 cents. INAR continues to garner major investor interest and we expect an ICPA/ GOIG type move to .02+ cents from here in the coming weeks ahead.
Currently some of the main events set to take place for the company is the official launch of their all new www.stockplay.com website, Photo app for iPhones and iPads, Spin-off of their two subsidaries http://www.bidsellbuy.com http://www.premiergoldtraders.com
along with pending news which are all strong catalyst for a big move upwards.

We have recently seen OTC Penny Stocks make impressive runs such as BBDA from .0004 cents to .0039 cents, ICPA from .0008 cents to .055+ cents and HLNT from .0010 cents to .0135 cents. We believe INAR may be the next biggest runner with potential for a similar run like ICPA and quite possibly one of the most memorable OTC runners in history; GOIG which ran from .0004 cents to .06+ cents a few years ago.
Below you can see the INAR daily chart showing the 200 Day moving average at .0039 cents which looks just about ready to hit and break.
INAR Chart July 2nd, 2012
INAR 6 Month Weekly Chart & Main Keypoints
The chart below shows no real resistance until .01 cents and then .02 cents after breaking the 200 day moving average of .0039 cents! Our target is .02+ cents.
INAR Chart Mon July 2nd, 2012 Resistance

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